Wellness Tips from Holistic Healers

June 24, 2021


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I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

Wellness Tips From

Holistic Healers

I love to share amazing women & men in the wellness space who I've connected with through the years work with you. Now that I'm not on social media as much I still want to share and give you a taste of what these amazing humans are offering.

I came up with a bi-monthly blog share of peers I admire and respect in the health & wellness space. This month I'm focusing on the energetic healings of yoga, Ayurveda, Akashic records and reiki.

Feel free to connect with these amazing women this month. Drop them an email or a DM on social media and just say hi. All of these women love to connect and share and give with their whole heart.


Enjoy their wonderful tips! 

Guest Expert: Christina Sticka-Jacobs

Christina's mission is to remind you to stop and smell the flowers. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, embracing the natural aroma of these beauties. By intentionally focusing on being here now, you are better able to explore how to bring ease to your human journey.  She offers to walk with you in this journey by offering personalized yoga practices, written commentary in my blog, and creating homemade candles to inspire the light in all of us. She offers these to you, in service. I bring to you, ease of being.

What is your number one tip for starting a consistent at-home yoga practice? 

Take an honest inventory of where you are currently at in your wellness journey and where you want to go.  Beginning with one new habit or practice is key.  Once that new practice becomes consistent, you can look to add in more or check in with yourself to discern how the new habit has made a difference in your life and what could easily be added or adjusted to provide you momentum down your wellness path.

Where to connect with Christina

Facebook: @theeaseofbeing

Guest Expert: Kate Megee

Kate is an Integrative Health Coach & Co-Active Life Coach, Akashic Record Reader & Yoga Teacher currently residing in Japan. Kate & her husband are enjoy running a boutique hotel in a ski/snowboard town in the mountains.

Her absolute passion is to help women get out of their heads, connect with their authentic selves, and start living a life of that feels happy, healthy and rewarding.

How can an Akashic record reading help you in your daily life?


The Akashic Records are the energetic records containing every thought, experience, emotion and interaction your soul has ever had. They are a powerful way for you to connect with your true self, seek support and guidance on your path and purpose in life, to understand how your past experiences and beliefs are affecting your current life, and what you can begin to shift, unblock and heal at the soul level to help you move forward on your unique path.

Where to connect with Kate

Website: https://www.katemegee.com/

Akashic Record Booking Link: www.katemegee.com/akashic-record-reading

Kate is not much of a social media person so those are the best places to catch her!

Guest Lizzy Persico

Wife to the L.O.M.L. (love of my life), Jon and mama to my sweet baby girl, Hayley. Together, Jon and Hayley inspired me start the Spiritual Loft right in our home! I’ve always had a calling to help others heal so they can live their happiest lives. Jon and Hayley encouraged me to share my gifts with the world and have been the best support a gal could ask for.

I strongly believe healing our energetic field is equally beneficial to ourselves and to everyone else on this earth; we cannot serve others unless we serve ourselves first.

After a combined 8 years of coaching Gymnastics and CrossFit, I decided to shift my focus from helping people achieve their physical goals, to helping people heal their energetic bodies.

I heal with the tools of platonic touch, reiki, sound bowls, intuitive guidance, essential oils and stones.

What are the biggest benefits in incorporating reiki into your wellness routine?

Reiki gets me in touch with myself and how I’m feeling on all levels (physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually). Having a moment of pause to release stuck energy helps me feel more grounded, relaxed, and present. When my energetic body can flow with ease, I am able to live life more joyfully.

Guest- Lyndsay Paige

Lyndsay Paige: Ayurveda Health Counselor, Course Creator, Co-Host & Producer of Your Weekly Woo Podcast, and Intuitive Mentor

What is your number one Ayurvedic tip?

There is a science to life. It is ancient, and sacred, and often oversimplified as just another diet in the Western world. Ayurveda asks us to tune into the rhythms and seasons of nature as a way to heal and remain healthy. Studying Ayurveda gave me one of the biggest transformations of my life and I use my intuitive gifts as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor to illuminate physical change and emotional transformation with clients.
Oftentimes people come to me confused and overwhelmed with where to start with their health and wellness goals. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired and just need one place to start.
My number one recommendation for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness is to look at your sleep routine. What do you do before bed, how much sleep are you getting, and how do you feel upon waking?
The first step to feeling better is creating a regular sleep schedule. This includes waking up and going to bed at the same time each day (yes - even on weekends!)
Sleep is the most natural and most neglected routine that we all participate in day after day. While we sleep, our body repairs damaged tissue, rejuvenates brain cells, and clears out environmental toxins. If we interfere with these natural cycles at night by being awake or eating late at night, our body is not able to heal.
The next step would be to evaluate the quality and duration of sleep. Not everyone needs the same 8 hours of sleep, but the only way to understand what the body needs is if you allow yourself enough time to get into a natural sleep schedule. And if you’re getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night and still feel sick or depleted during the day, then it is a key indicator that something else is going awry in your body (e.g. elevated stress levels can cause hormonal imbalances which can disrupt sleep and many chemical processes in the body).
Start small with one thing, and start getting those consistent zzzs at night!


I hope you have a few new tips from these wonderful humans on how to incorporate holistic wellness practices into your daily routine. Sometimes we think it can be overwhelming or that we have to be perfect to start but that's so far from the truth. I would love to hear from you your favorite takeaway below!


Don't forget to stay connected to hear from the next group of guest experts next month!

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    explore the blog

    Ayurvedic Pregnancy 

    How to do a Castor Oil Pack

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

    I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

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    I graduated from Shakti School in 2019 as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. I'm a 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic postpartum doula graduate from Inner Sun & Moon AyurDoula Program. I've specialized in pre/postpartum fitness since 2007. 

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Ayurvedic postpartum doula & 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer since 2007.

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