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228: Kick off to listening to your body month


Checking In

Start by noticing your breath. Notice if your exhale or inhale is longer. Don’t change anything just notice. Next if you feel pretty ungrounded and vata out of balanced make your exhale 1 breath longer than your inhale. For example- if your inhale is a count of 4 make your exhale a count of 5. Do this for a minute or two and notice how you feel when completed.

Listening to your body

This month on the podcast we are talking about how to listen to your body. This is one of my favorite topics. I recently just finished reading Yoga for the Emotional Body by Bo Forbes. It validated what I feel is missing in the wellness space the idea of how to listen to your body and if it’s truly possible.

Listening to your body has been thought of lately as if it’s something that cannot be done or that we shouldn’t trust what we are feeling. I call BS. We have been told for many years that we don’t know best and that others doctors, fitness professionals, yoga teachers, dentists, teachers, etc have the answers and we cannot trust what we discover about ourselves. Now I know all of those have a place in our lives as if you have no idea where to start with a workout program hire a trainer, if you break a bone or need medical advice you can see a doctor, and teachers are amazing but don’t hold the answers to everything reminder I was a 6th grade teacher and definitely didn’t know all the answers.

I have numerous guests coming on this month that range from yoga teachers to energy healers, to Ayurvedic practitioners and dietitians. All with the goal to help empower you to take back some of the power over yourself. Don’t doubt the little thought that comes in your mind that you should do xyz. If it keeps showing up day in and day out it might be time to start exploring what’s coming up.

Why should we listen to our bodies?

Our bodies are our medicine. They tell us what we need more of, less of, or have the right amount of. For example food, workouts, and nature. In Ayurveda we can start to catch disease early in the body by noticing subtle shifts. Is your digestion off? That is the first sign disease can start to happen in the body. Do you have gas or bloating after you pair certain foods together? That means we might need to modify what we are eating and when. Our bodies are the most important aspect of our health and understanding what we need.

How can we listen to our bodies?

  • Self-check ins
  • Using your 5 senses
  • Pausing before your meals and being present after
  • How do you feel during your workout and an hour after, later in the day. If you have a headache that is a sign your workout might have been too intense.
  • Are you hungry or thirsty? Make a checklist of every cup of water you drink if you tend to forget.
  • If something feels off it probably is- sharp, intense pain not good

Journal Prompt

How can you listen to your body today?

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