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187: Meg Haines-What Is Your Yes & What Is Your No?



Meg and I met when we volunteered together at Lori Harder’s Bliss Project a few years ago. Meg is one of those women who you can just feel her soul. She is such a powerhouse of divine feminine energy. You can feel her presence as soon as she walks in the room in the most subtle way. In today’s conversation I feel Meg not only tells us how divine feminine energy shows up in the world she demonstrates that as she speaks. If you have been wanting to cultivate more balanced energy into your life today’s show is the perfect episode to tune into.

Background on Meg

Meg Haines is a spiritual teacher, healer, and creator of Divine Feminine Mastery. She has trained under world-respected teachers such as Brian Weiss, John Holland, and Robert Holden, receiving certifications in Coaching, Angel Therapy™, Past Life Regression, Reiki I & II, and Integrated Energy Therapy™, among other healing modalities. She is also a trained dancer and performer, with a BA in Musical Theater from Emerson College.
Meg is passionate about helping women deepen their connection with the Divine, honor their Soul’s calling, and heal the blocks preventing them from fully loving and living, so that they can shine and serve in the way they were always meant to!

Connect with Meg

  • What is divine feminine
  • How can we tap into our intuition
  • What you end up meeting is yourself- talking about sitting in stillness
  • How quick are we to share something before we receive it fully
  • When is it time to change up your rituals

Weekly Challenge:

Have an experience this week by putting away your phone.

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