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175: Ellen Trotter on Building Habits That Stick


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Ellen Trotter all about setting habits that will last the entire year.



Ellen and I were in the same mastermind group now 2 years ago. I just love everything Ellen is doing and she reminds me of a younger Andrea : )  She is so passionate about helping women achieve confidence, and a better body image by strength training to show them what they are capable of achieving.

Background on Ellen Trotter

Ellen Trotter has gone from athlete to coach on the soccer field and in the weight room. Originally falling in love with weightlifting by training for soccer in college, she has pursued her dream by creating her life intentionally through what fulfills her. Personal training 1:1 clients and in group bootcamp settings as well as customized online coaching, and teaching in the kinesiology department at South Western Oklahoma State University feed her soul daily. Online, she works with busy high achiever women striving to build their ideal body, confidence, and career through 1:1 customized training and in her monthly group coaching ET’s Coaching Club.

Connect with Ellen

Topics Discussed

  •  How Ellen went from a good college athlete to all-conference by strength training
  • How strength training builds confidence in women
  • Creating lasting habit changes
  • What advice do you have for young women working to achieve their goals
  • Best advice for setting & reaching your goals
  • Ellen’s book recommendations

Weekly Challenge:

Take this week for 10-15 minutes about who you want to be. What is your next evolution? How would you describe yourself, what words would people use to describe you?

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