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167: How to Cultivate Other Doshas


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I’m chatting all about how to cultivate other doshas.

This was my year long project, cultivating more kapha dosha in my life. I wanted to really bring in the kapha elements into my life to really bring about a more mellow approach to my 2018. I will teach you how to cultivate a little vata, pitta & kapha and teach you why you might want to do this and how to do it for each dosha.

Bringing more vata into your life:

Quick reminder what the vata dosha means; 

  • Creative, loves change, big dreamer, loves quick fast workouts

Why would you want to bring in more vata?

If you want to create a new project, art piece, if you have a dream in you but you’re not sure exactly what that looks like because you’re scared to open up to that dream. If you want to start working out in a fast & effective manner.

Bringing more pitta into your life:

Quick reminder what the pitta dosha means;

  • Focused, intense, get things done, stick to a schedule


Why would you want to bring in more pittta?

You would bring in pitta if you were looking to write a book, start a new exercise routine, or a new habit, if you have a big work project to complete and you need to focus on the details of it.


Bringing more kapha into your life:

Quick reminder what the kapa dosha means;

  • You are grounded, super warm & friendly, very giving & good at receiving, think Mama Earth energy, someone that you just want to be around because they are such good listeners and know who they are.

Why would you want to bring in more kapha?

If you want to be a better listener, if you want to work on staying grounded throughout your day, if you want to be a better listener, and just a more open and feminine energy flow state most of the day.

How do you bring more of one dosha into your life?


  • Creative projects- drawing, coloring, painting, writing
  • Day dreaming
  • Quick fast workouts
  • Slow walks in nature
  • Reading about a new topic


  • Completing your to do lists
  • Competitive workouts
  • Setting goals & putting a date on when you want them to happen
  • Saying you will write 3 pages every morning & doing it
  • Competition with a friend or a 10 day challenge to get your competitive fire burning



  • Living in a flow state- setting reminders on your phone to surrender
  • Yin/Restorative yoga
  • Meditation
  • Starting your day with a purpose
  • Smiling more often
  • Really focusing on your listening skills


When you’re trying to bring in a little more fire, water, or air into your life you need to focus on that element in a manner that won’t cause you to go out of balance. Making sure you stay grounded for each new dosha you want to bring into your life and knowing how you feel before you do it, during & again after you started implementing the new habits into your life. If you start to feel off or ungrounded that is the time to switch up what your doing and connect back to yourself. You can overdo it with anything and these practices can be that as well.

Just know that if you start to feel the not so great side affects of the doshas-

Vata- really ungrounded, spacey

Pitta- to intense & fiery, judgemental

Kapha- no motivation, no energy to try new things

That is your cue to back off your practices and come back to your equilibrium state before continuing to cultivate that dosha.

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