Hallmark Christmas Movies 2020

October 25, 2020

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I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2020 Reviews

I'm a Hallmark Christmas movies fan. I can't help myself. I've been a fan for many, many years. Every holiday season is the big Christmas season heavy hitter lists. I love to check in each and every year with my favorite Hallmark movies.


My favorite movie of all time is still Candace Cameron Burie is Christmas Under Wraps. She is a doctor in training and has to finish her training in Alaska. My personal favorite and this movie was released in 2014.

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Hallmark Christmas Movies2020

2020 Hallmark Movie Rankings

**I have a red review on each of the movies that some of the star ratings have slightly changed as the more movies I saw the more I appreciated some of the first ones to air this year. The ranking numbers and the movie photo rankings are the ones to follow!


Top 10 movies of 2020

  1. Project Christmas Wish- 5/5- Must Watch
  2. The Christmas Bow- 5/5- Must Watch
  3. Deliver By Christmas- 5/5- Must Watch
  4. One Royal Holiday- 5/5- Must Watch
  5. Cranberry Christmas- 4/5- Must Watch
  6. Christmas By Starlight - 4/5 Watch It
  7. Five Star Christmas 3.5/5- Cute, watch it
  8. The Christmas House- 4/5- Watch It
  9. A Little Christmas Charm 3/5 stars- Cute, Catch It
  10. Holly & Ivy- 3.5/5- Catch It


Project Christmas Wish
One Royal Holiday
Five Star Christmas
The Christmas Bow
Cranberry Christmas
The Christmas House
Deliver By Christmas
Christmas By Starlight
A Little Christmas Charm
Holly & Ivy

Movie List in Order that I've seen using the movie posters

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2020
Hallmark Christmas Movies 2020 Rankings

Rankings 11-29 Hallmark movies 2020


11. Timeless Christmas 4/5- Must Watch

12. If I only had Christmas 3/5/5- Cute, watch it

13. Love, Lights Hanukkah 3.5.5- Cute Watch It

14. Christmas Comes Twice 3/5/5 Stars- Catch It

15. Christmas She Wrote- 3.5/5 Stars- Catch it, it's cute

16. Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater- 3.5/5- Catch it or Leave It

17. On the 12th Date of Christmas-3/5 stars- Catch it

18. Cross-Country Christmas 3/5 stars- It's Okay

19. Christmas in Vienna- 3.5/5 stars- Catch It

20. Nashville Christmas Carol- 3/5 Okay

21.  The Christmas Doctor- 3/5 stars- Catch It

22. Jingle Bell Bride 3/5 stars- Catch it

23. Christmas with the Darlings- 3/5 stars- Middle of the road cute movie

24. The Christmas Waltz- 3/5 Stars- Catch it or leave it

25. USS Christmas 3/5 stars- Catch it, Cute

26. Meet Me At Christmas- 2.5/5 stars- Catch it but maybe leave it

27. Angel Tree 2.5/5 stars- Catch it if nothing else is on

28. Good Morning Christmas 2.5/5 stars- Catch it with something in the background to do

29. The Heart of the Holidays 2/5- Skip It unless you like old school Hallmark movie girl leaves big city to fall in love with old high school sweetheart and stay in her small town.

Timeless Christmas
If I only had christmas
Love, Lights & Hanukkah!
Christmas She Wrote
Never kiss a man in a christmas sweater
On the 12th date of Christmas
The Christmas Doctor
Christmas Comes Twice
Christmas in Vienna
Jingle Bell Bride
USS Christmas
The Angel Tree
Christmas with the Darlings
Nashville Christmas Carol
A Christmas Waltz
Meet Me at Christmas
Good Morning Christmas
Cross-Country Christmas
Heart of the Holidays

30-40 Hallmark Movies 2020

30. Unlocking Christmas- 3/5 stars- Catch It, Maybe

31. Christmas Tree Lane 2/5 stars- Skip it

32. Time for us to come home for Christmas- 2/5 stars- Skip It

33. A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado- 2/5 stars- Skip It

34. Swept up for Christmas 2/5 stars- Skip It

35. Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing 2/5 stars Catch it or leave it

36. A Christmas Carousel-2/5 stars- Skip It

37. A Glenbrooke Christmas 2/5 stars- Skip It

38. The Christmas Ring- 2.5/5 Stars- Catch it if you have nothing else to do

39. Chateau Christmas 1/5 stars- Skip It

40. A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love- 2/5 stars- Skip It

Unlocking Christmas
Time For Us to Come Home For Christmas
A Glenbrooke Christmas
Swept up by christmas
Christmas Tree Lane
A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado
The Christmas Ring
A Christmas Carousel
Christmas in Evergreen_ Bells are Ringing
A Godwinks Christmas second chance, first love
Chateau Christmas

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

    I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Ayurvedic postpartum doula & 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer since 2007.

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