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One thing I’ve noticed after being in the fitness & wellness industry for 11 years now is that women love to be given a program that tells us exactly what to do so we don’t have to think about it. It’s one less decision we need to make. But over the years after always being told what to do for our health means we become numb to our bodies, and our own intuition into what actually makes us feel good. We get lost in the marketing world of what we “should” do, & the latest diet & fitness trend.


My coaching programs are geared to teach you how to listen to your body, so you will have more freedom around your workouts, & dieting mindset. Of course I don’t just throw you into the deep end with no guidance I teach you how to do just that.


I use an 8 part personal roadmap technique to really help set you up for success on becoming more aware of what your body wants & needs. I will be there to help guide you in the right direction along your journey to trusting yourself again.

Health Coaching 

Learn how to incorporate lasting health changes utilizing Ayurveda. We will go deep with your habits and learn how to break down the barriers that have been stopping you from reaching your goals. If you’re constantly stressed out, burnt out, or feeling lost in your life this is the coaching program you need. You will also get custom monthly workouts and nutritional tips.

**This is my online, one on one, high touch program. If you want to change your health habits, you want custom workouts, bi-weekly zoom calls, and weekly accountability this is the program for you.


Personal Training & Yoga

What makes me different? I’m the trainer who chats about how your sleeping habits, bowel movements, and wants to know how you’re really doing….On the outside those might seem like interesting questions but that shows me how to train you that helps me set up the right program for you. I don’t want to talk about the weather or meaningless topics I want to talk about stuff that makes you tick. I give you homework that might help you release things that are no longer serving you that on the outside might seem like they have nothing to do with your fitness but have everything to do with your overall health. That’s how incorporating Ayurveda into your fitness routine can really help you make a total mind and body transformation.

In-person (Minneapolis/St. Paul area) or online options available


Pregnancy & PostPartum Health Coaching

I’m also very passionate about helping women return to exercise on their terms after baby and I want to keep you and baby healthy during your pregnancy. I’ve been studying pre/post natal training for 11 years and after giving birth myself am super passionate on giving women the right tools for you during this precious time in your life.

Past clients have included women who have never worked out until pregnancy (and yes you can safely do that) and bronze Olympic medalists who are training while pregnant and after pregnancy to return back to the Olympics to win another medal! I help you create the plan that will suit you the best during & after your pregnancy so you can be the best version of you.

In-person (Minneapolis/St. Paul area) or online options available


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