Work With Me

Have you ever thought to yourself?

  • I’m tired of starting & stopping diets
  • I don’t have time to workout
  • I need better healthy recipes that don’t take hours to make
  • I have no motivation to stick to a wellness routine
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I have no support or accountability

If yes you are in the right spot!

What most programs miss is the bridge between the diet world, learning more about ourselves, what we like, what makes us feel good, and what doesn’t work for us.

Most programs jump right into listening to your body which can be very difficult to do for many women.

Some of us have been so numb for many years and we need a reminder of how to treat ourselves with a little more ease & grace.

After all we know we should workout but we can’t seem to find anything that sticks, we know what foods are healthy but do they actually work for our bodies? A lot of programs try to put a band-aid over the issue instead of creating the lasting habits needed to build lasting health changes.

Coaching Options 

Seasonal Living Mamas-Next Session Starts Jan. 1st, 2020

Online Group Coaching  

Seasonal living mamas is a monthly holistic lifestyle program. It’s built for mamas who want to find their balance, add more movement into their day & live more in flow with nature. It will be introduced every quarter to help mamas live in tune with nature & your own innate inner wisdom.

Holistic Wellness Coaching 


There are many options to start your journey with Ayurveda. They range in commitment and pricing depending on your goals. The best place to start is to have a free consult with Andrea to see which option would be a good fit depending on your goals.







Personal Training Online or In-Person (Minneapolis area)

Training Location Ideas:

  • In-home training (I drive to your home)
  • Studio training – located in St. Louis Park, MN off hwy 100 & hwy 7
  • At a local park
  • Your work place
  • Online Training (we use Zoom)

*30 or 45 Minute Sessions available

*For online training -pricing is $50 less a package

For more information click here