Seasonal Living Mamas  

A 12 Week Online Group Coaching Experience

For the busy mom who wants to eat a little healthier, move their body daily, & have more energy without feeling guilty, overwhelmed.

We start January 1st!


Tell me more...

  • Every Sunday you will be emailed your seasonal wellness plan for the week ahead so you won't be left wondering what you need to focus on that week. (Think 1-3 activities/recipes) 
  • Private Facebook group with pop-up challenges, Facebook lives & group accountability so that you can cheer other mamas on and hold yourself accountable. 
  • How to incorporate a holistic lifestyle with kiddos so that they can start from a younger age with being aware of their body & emotions. 
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3 Step Secret Sauce for living a holistic lifestyle with kids

I created this program with mamas in mind to gain a new relationship with movement, understand how the seasons affect your routines, gain a basic insight into living with your dosha, and learn how to create a morning and or evening routine so that you can feel better, have more energy and look forward to your wellness time each day.  

I also saw so many programs that didn't address #momlife. I want to create a program to help you find the pockets of time that work for you in your day. Somedays? That might look like a 30 minute full body workout and other days lying on your living room floor in savasana to relax. #guiltfree

Education that won't take hours to complete

We are all busy and learning to live with the seasons shouldn't take hours. That is why the program gives you 1-3 ideas a week that you can implement immediately.

Instead of feeling like you need to get up at 3am to get all the things done for your day, this education is practical seasonal and easy. 

 You will get bite sized 10 minute Ayurvedic medicine practices to try throughout the 3 months. These are my signature self-care acts for busy mamas that have been life shifting for many of my clients. 

Monthly workouts that are 30 minutes Or less 

30 minute or less workouts, that are built to incorporate the entire body. We have a lot going on and who wants to spend hours working out? You will get 4 new seasonal workouts ranging from 10-30 minutes a month that will help you get moving, tone up and gain energy. 

I've been in the personal training space for 12 years I've seen and done it all. At the end of the day if you enjoy it, have accountability and are consistent you will reach your goals. 

Living in tune with the seasons

Each month features monthly workout challenges, book recommendations, journal prompts, Ayurvedic tips, ideas of living a holistic lifestyle with your kiddo & seasonal recipes. You can do as much or as little as you want. You get to tune into what your body & mind need each month. 

You will also be getting body care recipes to try such as making sugar scrubs, more information on Ayurvedic practices to help you stay healthy year round, and ideas of how to incorporate kiddos into the seasonal living lifestyle. 

Who is this for?

Seasonal Living Mamas is for you if:

  • You want to explore holistic health habits 
  • Want ideas on how to incorporate seasonal habits with their kids
  • Crave accountability but are lacking the support
  • Looking for a community of women to cheer on and share experiences with 
  • Want new monthly at-home workouts according to the seasons (all fitness levels welcome)
  • Want to incorporate lunar practices into your life 
  • Want recipes for both in the kitchen & body care products 
  • Want to adapt Ayurvedic habits 
  • You are ready to take ownership of your health 
  • You want the freedom to workout on your time vs meeting a trainer in-person 
  • You don't have to be a mom to do this group it's for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their health 

Preview of the 1st Quarter 2020

January 2020 Monthly Theme: 5 Senses Monthly Challenge: Mobility Challenge Ayurvedic Theme: Noticing 5 Senses at your meals Workout Themes: EMOM & Total Body Workout Fun _______________________________________________________________________ February 2020 Monthly Theme: Don't let your frame of mind frame you in Monthly Challenge: Journaling Ayurvedic Theme: Lemon water challenge Workout Themes: Cardio Extravaganza _______________________________________________________________________ March 2020 Monthly Theme: Color Outside the Lines Monthly Challenge: The 20 challenge Ayurvedic Theme: Kitchen Sadhana Workout Themes: Ayurvedic workouts 

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Lifestyle Shifts  

“Learning about my dosha and Ayurvedic principles with Andrea really helped me refine my fitness and how I eat. Now I choose workouts that fit my type and not only do I enjoy working out more but I do it much more consistently!”

Jess B

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  • When does it start? The 1st quarter seasonal living mamas starts January 1st- and runs through March 31st. 
  • Can I purchase a year membership? Not at this time. You can renew each quarter.
  • Can I join at any time during the year? You can join at the start of each quarter.
  • What level are the workouts for? All the workouts can be modified to fit beginners, intermediate & advanced levels. In the demonstration videos we go over modifications for each level.  
  • At home programs haven't worked for me before. How will this be different? With Seasonal living mamas you will have exclusive access to a private facebook group, instagram, & weekly emails to help you stay on track and accountable. Andrea is in the group daily to answer any questions and do pop-up Facebook lives. 
  • How much time will I need to devote to the program? This will vary depending on what aspects you want to incorporate into your life. Some days it might be 20 minutes other days you might spend 90 minutes. It depends on the day.
  • If I'm currently pregnant is this program for me? Yes & no. The workouts can be modified and the content is still applicable to you up until around 30 weeks pregnant.
  • If I'm newly postpartum is this program for me? I wouldn't recommend this program until after 2-3 months postpartum. 

“Andrea has really helped me during both of my pregnancies. I haven’t felt or looked this good in ages. Andrea is fun to work with and she really goes the extra mile to help you reach your goals. It’s easier for me to feel motivated when working with someone who has such a great attitude and work ethic. I’m in such good shape that I still have loads of energy to share with my kids. It sounds so corny to write it out, but it’s true and it’s wonderful.”  

Theresa B.

Meet your Coach/Author 

Andrea Claassen

Andrea has been a certified personal trainer since 2007, a yoga instructor, Ayurvedic wellness counselor, and pre/postpartum specialist. She is also a wife & mom to an active 3 year old boy. She also has a bachelors degree in sports & exercise science and psychology.

Over the past 12 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done this by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. These small habits lead to lasting changes. Andrea's goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to become.

Why I wanted to create this program?

I have found since I started tuning into seasonal living my health and awareness of my body started to shift. I started having lasting energy, better digestion and consistent routines. 

I wanted to share with other mamas to help you find your balance, add more movement into your day & live more in flow with nature. With each new quarter brings new energy and new chances to live in tune with nature & your own innate inner wisdom. 

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What does Seasonal Living Mamas Include? 

12 Week Online Group Coaching Program

  • Sunday emails that include your wellness plan for the week ahead (1-3 things to incorporate into your life that week)
  • New monthly workouts (around 4 workouts a month) with videos 
  • Seasonal body care & food recipes to make at home 
  • Tips for introducing Ayurveda & seasonal living to your kiddos 
  • Monthly pop-up Facebook challenges that include prizes 
  • Weekly Facebook lives for accountability 
  • Practical self-care for moms
  • Optional partner accountability pairings

The Value- The cost to do 1 on 1 coaching with me for one month averages $450. 

You can get 3 months of seasonal living mamas for only $197 a savings of over $1150! 

“Ayurveda has give me more perspective on my health and well-being that makes my fitness routine more effective, but more importantly also helps me feel better and maintain overall good health. It also allows me to go deeper in my mindset which is connected to the physical body in terms of performance in athletics and in career so that I can be more thoughtful, calm, and confident. I'm excited to continue diving deeper with Andrea to learn from her expertise and approach.”

Zoe S.

We Start In: 

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