Ayurvedic & Lifestyle Coaching

Change Your Habits,Change Your Life


What is Ayurvedic & Lifestyle Coaching? 

Ayurveda literally translates to wisdom of life. I help individuals shift their habits into a more nourishing and algined habits for their specific constitution, we call that your dosha in Ayurveda. My proven approach provides an intuitive coaching aspect combined with the wisdom of Ayurveda & fitness. 


Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package. Andrea will help guide you to the right package based on your needs during our initial call. 

90 Minute Ayurvedic Consult

Not quite sure what Ayurveda is and how it can help you? This would be a great place to start. We do a deep dive into your health history, your current state of health & your current goals. You will leave the session with 1-3 key habits to implement.  

Price: $149

3 Months-Ayurvedic Coaching

This is the package for those who want to fix digestion issues, increase fertility, pre/post natal coaching, stress management, pain reduction or weight loss. You will receive workouts, nutrition, or other habit changing techniques during our time together.

Includes-6, 45 minute phone calls, custom workout, nutrition, stress management plans. It also might include custom herb blends to meet your wellness goals.

Price: $299/month or $797 paid in full

Custom Ayurvedic Detox 

You can do an Ayurvedic detox anytime of the year. The two key times I suggest everyone to partake in one is the spring & fall season. It will help you remove the stickiness of the previous season, provide weight loss if that is a goal, & reset your habits. 

Includes- 45 minute coaching call, detox prep, the actual custom detox & detox evolution plan along with email and text support during the detox.

Price: $200  

Pre/Postnatal Coaching

This coaching option is great to start at any stage of pregnancy or during the postpartum stage when you feel ready. It combines both Ayurvedic health coaching to nourish your mind and body as well as the right workouts to do during pregnancy or postpartum. 

Includes- Nutrition ideas, workout ideas, how to best prepare for postpartum health, if needed diastasis recti repair program. We meet on a bi-weekly basis via zoom for 30 minutes. You choose how many months you want to do the program.

Price: $200/month

6 Week Custom Workout Routine Built around your dosha

This is for the person who works out and wants to make sure they are working out for their body type, or if you have an imbalance going on and want to get back to balance. 

This is an online plan that will be sent to you after our initial consult with video links demonstrating each move. You will receive weekly accountability email check-ins during the 6 weeks. 

Price: $149 

6 Week Custom Nutrition & Workout Plan for your dosha

A nutrition plan built around your doshic imbalances, goals, and needs. You will get recipes, meal ideas and herb recommendations if needed. You will also get a workout routine built around your dosha needs. 

This is an online plan that will be sent to you after our initial consult. You will receive weekly accountability email check-ins during the 6 weeks. 

Price: $299

4 Sessions-Ayurvedic Coaching

If you want to learn the best habits built for you centered around your fitness, nutrition, and daily routines the 4 session option is best. 

If you want to treat a more chronic condition such as heartburn, exhaustion, or pain management the longer coaching option would be advised. 

Includes-4, 45 minute phone calls to be used in a 3 month period.

Price: $250


Mentoring is for the person who is interested in creating Ayurvedic habits for not only them but their family. You want to learn how to see the doshas in your daily life and keep everyone balanced. I didn't put a timeline on this as Ayurveda is so vast it really is up to you how deep you want to go into studying it. Typically 3-6 months will be the ideal time frame. 

Includes- Resources for you to read & watch on your own time. We will meet monthly for 1 hour via zoom to further discuss questions & next direction of your education. 

Price: $150/month 


"One of the effects of sticking to a modified version of the intermittent fasting that I started with the cleanse is that I am not using eating or smoking to mask the uncomfortable feelings that surface. I have committed to creating new life enhancing habits instead of self harming coping mechanisms."

"One of the benefits though is losing a solid 30 pounds and doing daily yoga, and having great bowel movements, so I feel stronger in my body and supported by daily habits I haven't had before."

Diana Turner 

21st Century Oracle 


First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest conversation with you to understand your goals and needs. Here we’ll highlight what makes you unique, and define key opportunities for growth. This will be done during our consult and initial 1st session.  

Then, I share strategies for you to implement.

Each session you will leave with a unique plan to help you reach your goals. Sometimes that might be a specific morning routine, nutrition plan, or workout goals. This is where the coaching is custom built for your needs.  

Lastly, you lead.

My coaching is all about empowering you to feel confident in setting up your fitness based lifestyle. I want you to reach your goals and feel in control of your health after we are done with our time together.  


I’m Andrea Claassen 

I’m a personal trainer, yoga teacher, pre/postnatal fitness specialist & Ayurvedic health counselor. I believe in treating the root of the issue to truly fix the problem. I believe in doing mindset work along with tactical strategies is how you make a lasting health change. 

Over the past 12 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done so by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. 

Let's talk!

Your first consultation is free & we meet online via Zoom