1 Month Journey Into the Doshas 

I wanted to create a comprehensive month long journey into the doshas. One of the most asked questions I get is how do I work with my dosha? It’s so important for us to know about all 3 doshas in detail. This is how you can start to make health shifts. I’ve seen my clients lives transform after implementing Ayurvedic teachings from the doshas.
My goal is to make Ayurveda assessable to every single person who wants to learn about Ayurveda no matter your previous knowledge.
You will leave this course with action steps you can immediately implement into your life.
Price: $19 

Divine Body Wisdom Academy

Trade in diets, food rules & program hopping for more energy, a consistent workout routine and a healthy lifestyle you love.  

Divine Body Wisdom is geared to help you feel better, have more energy, and stop feeling like you’re constantly failing for not working out or following a diet plan. I want you to become more in touch with what your body needs so you can feel healthy and do the things in your daily life that you want to do.

This is an online 6 month group coaching program that has no set start date. Join when you feel ready and learn from others on their health journey path.

Price: $350/month for 6 months or $1800 paid in full


Hustle, Muscle & Flow 

These are the workouts I used to personally lose 40 pounds after I had my son. They are safe to do 6 months postpartum. These workouts are most effective if you have access to a treadmill to do the cardio portion. Don’ worry it’s just 10 minutes on the treadmill : ) followed by 20 minutes of lifting weights. There are video demonstrations for each move and these workouts have 6 months of workouts planned out for you!

Download the DIY program today!

Price: $39