DIY Programs

1 Month Journey Into the Doshas 

I wanted to create a comprehensive month long journey into the doshas.
One of the most asked questions I get is how do I work with my dosha?
It’s so important for us to know about all 3 doshas This is how you can start to make health shifts. I’ve seen my clients lives transform after implementing Ayurvedic teachings from the doshas.
You will leave this course with action steps you can immediately implement into your life.
Price: $39 

Hustle, Muscle & Flow 

These are the workouts I used to personally lose 40 pounds after I had my son. These workouts have been the game changer for so many women who have hit a plateau on their fitness goals.

These workouts are most effective if you have access to a treadmill to do the cardio portion. If you hate the treadmill don’t worry it’s just 10 minutes : )  After the treadmill portion there is a 20 minute strength training section. This is a 6 month program that has video links to demonstrate the moves or a written description as well as a training guide so you know exactly when to do each workout.

As soon as you purchase the program you can download it today and get started!

Price: $39

**These workouts are safe to do 6 months postpartum

HMF 2.0

A 3 month workout program geared to be the second leg of the original Hustle, Muscle & Flow program. This program just needs a set of dumbbell and has a few workouts that have optional treadmill portions or at-home cardio 10 minute options.

**This is a great program if you don’t know if the treadmill workouts are for you.

Price: $29

**This program is safe to do 5-6 months postpartum