Pre & Post Natal Training

Do you want to learn the proper way to workout whilePregant pretty woman holding her stomach pregnant, or wanting to safely workout post-birth?  Andrea has studied pre/post natal fitness for 11 years and has trained herself during & after her pregnancy.  She has helped numerous females over the years stay in shape while pregnant and reach their post baby goals after giving birth.  

I have some major beef with the way women are treated post birth. We are not given the proper tools to recover and many women rush back to what they did pre-baby to get back in shape. This is the worst thing you can do. There are so many things that can go wrong with just jumping back into your workouts. I’m a big fan of taking things slow so you can fully recover your body and you won’t have lasting health side effects such as incontinence issues, diastis recti, prolapsed organs. I have created a postpartum curriculum through my years as a trainer and now mom myself. I teach you how to properly heal so you won’t have the lasting side effects so you can enjoy motherhood and laugh without needing to run to the bathroom every time!

 Every pregnancy and birth are different learn what roadmap will be best for you to take.

 Training Program

  • You will get a monthly road map to follow to help you stay on track both during your pregnancy & after your little one arrives. If there are days of no energy, no sleep, no problem. Andrea has been working in the pre/post natal industry for 11 years and can help guide you through a yoga session. After all the program is created for you to be adjusted as need be throughout your recovery process.
  • You will learn the top 5 exercises to do while pregnant.
  • You will learn the top 5 exercise to do post pregnancy (4th trimester & beyond)
  • Weekly motivation & programs customized for you and your body.

Post-Natal Training Notes

  • After your baby has arrived the convenience of in-home personal training will help you get back into a routine.
  • Feel free to workout with your child in the room no nanny needed during your training sessions.
  • We are very flexible with little ones and understand that you may have to stop & feed your child during the session.

mother and baby gymnastics, yoga exercises isolated

if interested in learning more about our training options: or schedule a 15 minute call to chat about your pre/post natal goals