Hello & Welcome

I’m a former type A mom who had to get everything done, there were no days off.


I felt like I always had to be “on” or people wouldn’t respect me. Every workout had to be intense and at least an hour to “count”.


I ate great most of the time but on occasion had too much wine on a Friday night. I pushed myself to the limit because that’s how I thought I would get max results in all areas of life. 

All of that lead to me feeling burnt out, never in the present moment and with no real results to show for it.


So what changed? I discovered Ayurveda and learned how to truly listen to my body. 


I learned how to workout more effectively & still get results in 45 minutes or less. I have built in time for stillness during my day to have some alone time which is especially needed now as a mom to a busy toddler.

My mission today is to help women not lose their sense of self with all of life’s demands. I do this by teaching my Peaceful Power Practices centered around slowing down, tuning in and connecting to your divine body wisdom. 

A little more about why I really needed Ayurveda in my life….

I was stressed out, fatigued, and throwing up on a weekly basis at the last job I ever had, I was burnt out & stressed out. I’m a type A woman who gets a lot of stuff done (at that time I wasn’t even married or a mom yet). I knew if I went down that path for many more years I was going to be sick, tired & have no clue who I was anymore. I was starting to lose my sense of fun as I always had to be “on” to get the job done.
I thought running my own business would do the trick all of my stress and fatigue would go away. Cue the laughter now. Instead I had 2 years of even more stress. On a whim I went on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica with an instructor I had just met. During the retreat she told me I was a pitta. I had no idea what that meant but I was intrigued.
Fast forward a few years I became a mom felt completely lost in who I was and signed up for an Ayurvedic teacher training that changed my life. I learned how to slow down, tune in and connect to my own inner wisdom.
If you can learn how to listen to your body, keep yourself in balance, and find the habits that work best for you, you will have a lifestyle shift that helps you connect to your divine body wisdom.

My motto:

Slow Down, Tune In & Connect Back to Your Divine Body Wisdom

 Who is Andrea Claassen?

I have been a certified personal trainer since 2007, and registered yoga teacher & Ayurvedic coach since 2016, but have been studying the Eastern philosophies for over 5 years now. I have enjoyed helping hundreds of women meet not only reach their fitness goals but life goals.

I work with a diverse age group of primarily females. Some of my specialties are women during pregnancy & the delicate postpartum time period. That is where I truly changed my life by discovering Ayurveda and how much it helped give me new purpose and discover me again.

The Credentials

Andrea Claassen

Founder & CEO


  • BA from Hamline University- Sports & Exercise Science and Psychology
  • Certified ACE personal trainer since 2007
  • Pre/Postnatal specialist 2007
  • Certified ACE group fitness instructor since 2009
  • 230 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2016
  • Prenatal level 1 yoga teacher training 2016
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach 2016

Training Philosophy  

  • 30 minute HITT workouts
  • Yoga- Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha lineages
  • Ayurveda based principles

Fun Facts

  • I was a 3 sport athlete in high school & college
  • My favorite workout move is the plank
  • Murder She Wrote is my favorite tv show
  • I also love the Hallmark channel
  • Michael Bolton is my favorite singer
  • In other words I’m quite eclectic

Next Steps…

Check out our free resources built just for you to get a feel for how I like to coach or head over to my work with me page to see my group & private coaching options.