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From Personal Trainer to
Ayurveda & Yoga Guide

I was a 3 sport athlete in high school when one of my coaches introduced weight lifting to me. I was instantly hooked and started my personal training journey, by training teammates at the ripe age of 16. 

I've since worked with thousands of women in the past 15 years including Olympic athletes.

While fitness was my first passion as I became a mama my interests slowly started to shift. 

I discovered Ayurveda in the jungles of Costa Rica on a yoga retreat and knew instantly that, that was the path for me to explore, learn and embody. 

My journey to health started at 16, lifting weights in the girls only weight room..

Just a year after being introduced to Ayurveda I became pregnant with my son.

Little did I know that this science called Ayurveda would be what I leaned on to help pull me out of a postpartum fog. 

Ayurveda helped me truly understand how to slow down, tune in & connect with my own inner wisdom. 

You might feel lost, ungrounded, not connected to your higher purpose and not really understanding practices that will help you reach your goals. 

That is the beauty of Ayurveda

It gives you practices, tools, and the confidence to trust yourself again. 

Ayurveda helped open a door for me to explore my health from from a mind/body/soul prospective that just made sense.

I started rebuilding my definition of self, I started implementing more mindfulness tools into my routines, I found a workout program that nourished my body instead of depleting it, I found I was more connected to eating foods I could digest vs trying to follow a fad diet. 

It was a complete life transformation that continues to evolve and unfold in my life in new ways each and everyday. 

Why I started focusing on Ayurveda... 

To make Ayurveda and Yoga easily digestible for all. I believe Ayurveda has the power to shift your life just as it has done to mine. 

my greatest priority is...

A great wellness program incorporates a mind, body & soul approach. 

I believe that...

Learn how to slow down, tune in and connect with your inner wisdom using Ayurveda & Yogic teachings. 

my goal is to help you...

Ayurveda is for everyone

– Teresa G.


Client Testimonial 

And, now I'm here — helping amazing women create Ayurvedic lifestyles and transform themselves on the deepest of levels. 

to sum it up:

  • Tuning In– You need to understand what your body is telling you so you can feel confident in yourself. You will learn how to use your own intuition so you can nourish yourself based on your needs.  

  • Cyclical Wisdom– You feel like you're not the same day to day and are looking for practices the flow with your inner wise woman. Embrace living with the seasons, the lunar cycle or menstrual cycle if applicable. 

  • Ayurveda- This is where you uncover new tools for helping you stay healthy over the course of your lifetime. You will learn your dosha (mind/body type), understand Ayurveda's approach to eating (how to intuitively eat, with the season, and for your dosha), and how to alter your fitness program with the seasons. We go as deep into a more natural approach to your lifestyle as YOU would like to learn.

I use my 3 prong approach to help you transform your life: 

How did I get interested in period health & hormones? 

If you told me 8 years ago I would be talking about periods, I would have thought you were joking. I was the girl who had her mom purchase her pads into her mid-20's. 

Since feeling a nudge to explore, research, and live my life according to my cycle, and seeing results. Gone were the monthly cramps, the anger in my luteal phase, and the dips in energy all month long. 

I felt the called to share this wisdom with more women.

Women, who might also be a little shy about talking about their periods but are intrigued by what it can do for them. This has shifted my life's work in profound ways and I cannot wait to show you how you can start to transform your own life.

Pregnancy Struggles

I knew a few years ago that I wanted another baby but it just wasn't happening. Being in the Ayurveda and holistic wellness space and struggling to conceive I felt shame and embarrassment. I decided to put to practice what I preach. 

I dove deeper into Ayurvedic practices to balance my menstrual cycle. 

I started the Ayurvedic 3-6 month pregnancy preparation protocol in January of 2022 and did a full moon circle in May in which I declared I was ready to call in another baby. By June 2022 I was pregnant with my second child. I'm a huge believer in bringing in both the practical Ayurvedic solutions with the soul piece. You need to have both working together as we are not separate from our mind/body/soul. 



B.A: Hamline University- Sports & Exercise Science and Psychology 2007

ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor since 2007

Pre/PostPartum Fitness Specialist- Jessie Mundell & Brianna Battles Programs- 200 hours

Cate Stillman- Living Ayurveda Program- 300 hour program

Katie Silcox- 600 hour Shakti School- Ayurvedic Health Counselor program

Yoga Teacher Training 230 hour- Minneapolis Retreat Center

30 hour- Restorative Yoga Teacher Training- Haus Yoga 

Yoga Teacher Training- 500 hour- Devanadi  School Of Yoga & Wellness

Reiki Level 1 Certified- Davanadi School of Yoga & Wellness

My formal education & training 

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda translates to wisdom of life. It is a holistic wellness system that combines mind, body & soul into its seasonal practices. Practicing Ayurveda helps you uncover new layers of yourself to help you realize your full potential. It truly is an all encompassing way of life. 

Ayurveda originated in India over 5000 years ago. The sacred practices have stood the test of time and even made there way into mainstream wellness programs- intermittent fasting, tongue scraping, neti pot, living with the seasons. 

I started my in-home personal training business- SaFire Training. 


the early days

After a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, I knew I wanted to add yoga as an option for my in-home clients. I became a 230 HR yoga teacher a month before giving birth to my son. 


Yoga Entered the picture

I'm a lifelong learner and after getting introduced to Ayurveda at yoga, I was hungry for more. I studied in a 2 year program with Katie Silcox to become an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. 


Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor 

I'm pregnant with my second kiddo after optimizing my menstrual cycle and excited to see what comes next on my own timeline. 


teaching Wellness for life

the timeline of how i got here



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Learn what practices are best to live in alignment with the spring season. You will also receive a yoga asana practice, spring herbs, 2 Ayurvedic spring recipes and kapha pacifying practices. 

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