Coaching Experiences with Andrea 


I started training with Andrea almost two years ago with the long-term goal of becoming an athlete. Andrea has helped support me in that vision through monthly goal setting, daily support and inspiration, and tailor-made workouts that stretch me. I see the confidence that I gain from my success in working with Andrea translate to confidence in other areas of my life. She makes you feel like her only client in terms of the customization of your program and the quality of training in each session, even in an online or group fitness setting. I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough – and I am a tough yet fair critic.  – Zoe S




After getting gastroenteritis which destroyed my gut health, I started getting severe heartburn daily, if not multiple times a day. Pain so bad I would be crouched on the ground clutching my chest. I tried Tums with zero improvements. I started googling about how to treat heartburn, was convinced I had GERD, and was ready to make an appointment with my doctor to get a prescription, but in the back of my mind, I was concerned I was just treating my heartburn symptoms but not actually fixing the root cause. Thankfully, I happened to have a conversation with Andrea about my heartburn and she immediately had actionable recommendations for how to improve it. She helped me figure out what kinds of food I should and should not eat, what my triggers were, and how best to avoid them so that I could give my gut a chance to heal. Slowly, but surely, after a couple months of diligent food logging and regular food consultation with Andrea, my heartburn is now a thing of the past. No medication whatsoever. I couldn’t have hoped for a better result, and I have Andrea to thank for all of this!

Hong B


Andrea really helped me during my pregnancy. Between our workouts and her motivational skills I maintained a very healthy weight during the pregnancy (even with gestational diabetes), gained an amazing amount of fitness and ended up healthier than I was pre-pregnancy after the baby was born. I was so impressed with her ability to train that I have hired her again to help me get into even better shape – I want to be a Hot Momma!! I haven’t felt or looked this good in ages. Andrea is fun to work with and she really goes the extra mile during and between training sessions. It’s easier for me to feel motivated when working with someone who has such a great attitude and work ethic. I’m in such good shape that I still have loads of energy to share with my son. It sounds so corny to write it out, but it’s true and it’s wonderful.

– Theresa B.

I’ve been working with Andrea for personal training almost one year now. The experience has been amazing. I’ve had incredible success both with weight loss and general health and fitness. I feel amazing, so much more energy and stamina than I used to have. I’m 37 and feel like I’m 25 again. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and had success but it either wasn’t lasting or they had me doing moves that ended up hurting me in the long run which hampered my progress. Andrea is so well educated and tailors the workouts to challenge me taking my personal situation into account. She’s always changing it up and making me push myself. I’ve created good habits with her help and can’t say enough good things about her work.    Jess B.

Andrea has been my trainer for almost 1 year. She has been the best investment I have made for myself in a long time. She really customizes your workouts to meet your own, personal fitness goals. Not only has she helped me to get in better shape, she has taught me how to correctly do each workout and find where I need more work. She does assessments with you every couple of months to show how your progress is coming. I only do the 30 minutes sessions with Andrea and she has really taught me that it’s not about the amount of time you work out, its the type and quality of workout that you do. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone in the twin cities area.

Paula A.


Andrea has helped me lose over 25lbs, 20 inches and 10% body fat over the course of the year I trained with her.  I can’t tell you how much training with her has helped me; time and money WELL spent!

– Joan- 56 years young



I completed the 60 day transformation package with Andrea right before my wedding and had GREAT results! She helped with nutrition and also made the work outs interesting by always making me challenge myself by doing something new. In the first two weeks I lost 8lbs and by the time we finished I lost a total of 16lbs and 12.25 inches. I looked great in my wedding dress and achieved the results I wanted with her help.

– Nicole- 26 years young


I was suppose to have knee replacement surgery but after training with Andrea for 9 months the doctor told me I can postpone the surgery.  I lost 18lbs and 15 inches and dropped my body fat by 8%.  The doctor told me I can wait at least another 5 years before I have to do the surgery.  Thanks Andrea.

– Barb- 62 years young

I have worked with Andrea in 2 bootcamp sessions and as personal trainer. Working with Andrea was challenging and enjoyable.

I feel that she kept the workouts interesting by always offering new activities. Andrea closely watched my workouts to counsel me on my form, to keep me safe from injury and to assure that I would get the most out of my workout. Andrea kept me motivated to work hard to achieve more. Andrea is definitely the best trainer that I have worked with so far.

– Mary Ann-42 years young


Andrea corrects me when I have the incorrect form and I feel comfortable asking if I am doing something right.  She challenges me to take the heavier weights.

-Kelly- 29 years young



She is extremely knowledgeable and teaches you how to correct certain movements for the best results.

– Stacey – 29 years young


Before I started bootcamp I was not able to do 1 push-up on my knees now I can do 25 on my toes.

– Anya – 25 years young




Bridal Testimonials

SaFire training personally motivated me to lose weight for my wedding. The services that were provided were professional, educational, motivational and inspiring in nature. I found myself working towards goals I did not know I could achieve. I highly recommend SaFire Training for any Bride-to-be, fitness guru, or an individual who just wants to be healthier! I believe you will not be disappointed with the services you receive from SaFire training.




Andrea was one of the best investments I have made in myself in years. She helped me get motivated, held me accountable and was always upbeat and full of energy. Andrea not only put me through a great workout, but also gave me cardio workouts to do on my own. Each week she would map out my fitness goals for the week. These tools helped me reach all of my fitness goals and more.

– Lacey


I worked with Andrea in 2008 to get my body ready for my wedding day! I had excellent results and was very happy with the services she provided. Andrea had me doing lots of different exercises to help tone my body. I felt great on my wedding day and all the hard work paid off! I also worked with Andrea after having my first baby to get my body back and again was very happy with my results. Thank you Andrea for your help and support in helping me reach my goals!!!!

– Marcie