Fitness Philosophy

My Fitness Philosophy 

  • 30 minute HIIT workouts make my heart sing
  • Cardio/lifting combos
  • 3 intense workouts a week
  • Yoga or stretching should be part of everyone’s routine
  • Finding your why will help you reach your goals
  • Monthly calendars & plans are the way to stick with a routine
  • Crossfit is not my style
  • Not a fan of long bouts of cardio

I first discovered lifting weights at the age of 16. I was one of two girls who wanted to lift weights in our entire high school. I put myself in charge of coming up with routines for us to follow. We had a girls only weight room with no supervision so that left me to figure out how we could make good use of our time. After high school I went onto college where I was still one of few girls who wanted to lift weights. I would head to the weight room 3x a week just like in high school. I played 3 sports in both high school & college so didn’t do much cardio outside of my weight lifting routine. I studied sports & exercise science and psychology in college and got my personal training certificate. I’ve been off and running certified that is since 2007. Fitness is what I love it makes me feel like me. My passion is helping women start to notice the changes in their body, mind, and mood when they start a workout program. It’s not to say that I’ve always had it easy and not had to lose weight. After the birth of my son in 2016 I still had 35 pounds to lose. I was not someone who got smaller with breastfeeding the weight just stuck on me. I can credit my 30 minute workouts and yoga practice with the weight loss. It took 9 months to do so but I did it in a safe and effective manner. Working out helped me have feelings of normalcy again. I also discovered my deep seeded “why” to my reasoning for working out. I want to when my son is 16 and asks me to play basketball with him I can say yes. I want to still be able to hike up mountains, surf, or snowboard if my son wants to enjoy those things. Those are my deep whys. Helping women find their “why” with fitness I’ve found is the true hidden factor to if they will reach their goals or not.