What is Ayurveda? 

Literally means the knowledge of life. It is thousands of years old and takes you back to the basics when looking at your health. Pronounced aye-your-vay-da.

My personal journey into the Ayurveda world started by chance when I met one of my yoga teachers on vacation. She introduced me to the world of Ayurveda along with the doshas & gunas. I feel in love with this branch into a more holistic view point on habits & health.

Not all of the Ayurveda teachings resonate with me but the one’s listed below are my go to habits for not only keeping myself healthy but my clients as well. If by glancing at the habits your thinking I wish I could do them but it’s just not feasible in my life right now. That was me. I wanted these habits for 2 years before I finally found the willpower, and motivation to implement them in my life. These habits help me have rules and meaning to each of my days.


They are structured yet give me so much more freedom. I don’t have to think about what is for dinner anymore. I don’t have to force myself to go to bed. I have a set bedtime like my 1 year old. I get up and move everyday because my body craves that. That is not to say they are implemented perfectly everyday but that is where the fun comes. You decide, you’re in charge. The more you practice these practices the more they will become your habits. You will crave that bowl of soup for dinner. You will want to go to bed by 10pm so you can wake up by 6am as crazy as it sounds. I just wanted to introduce them into your life and you can take them and save them for a later date or maybe start with one new habit today. 

General Ayurvedic Practices 

  • Early to bed, early to rise
  • Early lighter dinners
  • 20 minutes of movement to start the day
  • Plant based diet according to the season
  • Meditation practice
  • Kitchen sadhana

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