Peaceful Power Practices

Peaceful Power what does that mean?

I came up with the phrase peaceful power as a way to combine my love for yoga and my love for lifting weights.  The power you feel from lifting weights and the peacefulness you gain from yoga. I find that peaceful power balances out my workout & personal life.

Not only is the balance related to fitness but to your attitude as well.  There are times that life needs to have a little more peaceful and then there are times for life to have a little more power.  Balancing the peacefulness and the power is a challenge that we face everyday.  Especially as women it can be a tricky line to walk. I consider the peaceful power related to both your masculine & feminine energy.  We are trying to live in a society that cherishes the on the go, no crying at work, you need to act like a boss power yet we need to have the motherly caresses, warm energy, caring personality in our everyday lives outside of work. That is why I created the Peaceful Power Practices to help women find that effort & ease in their lives.

Peaceful Power Practices

  • 20 minutes of movement in the morning before you start your day
  • Meditation Practice
  • Early lighter dinners
  • Early to bed early to rise
  • Plant focused diet according to the seasons
  • 30 Minute HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Yoga Practice
  • Finding your “why”
  • Goal based training

How can I help you?


Everyday you have the demands of life placed on you, your kids need you right away in the morning, your job needs you to be productive, you need to run the household and keep up with the daily tasks of life, oh and don’t forget about spending quality time with your spouse.

I get it that has become my new normal since becoming a mom.  What is missing from the above life? Time for you! This is something that has become non-negotiable in my life.  I’m blessed that my husband notices the difference when I get my alone time and when I don’t.  For me moving my body has become a priority since becoming a mom.  I’m happier, healthier, and set a good example for my son by being invested in my health.



I know working out can be hard, making time for your health can be challenging, and finding the right motivation is exhausting. So I strive to help you with the 3 prong approach to YOUR healthy lifestyle.  I utilize the 3 prong approach to help you live the healthiest life you can.

What does the 3 prong approach entail?

  • Fitness – I believe in moving your body in a way that you take pleasure in everyday. Which will become a habit and eventually it will become your new lifestyle. It might be lifting weights, it might be yoga, or a combination of both. I help you discover what works best for you.
  • Habits – We will break down what habits you need to implement into your life & what you might need to adjust to help create your perfect fitness lifestyle plan.
  • Motivation – We start with finding your true why. This is your golden nugget to helping you achieve your goals. While we are finding your why every month I will help you set your fitness goals using my 90 day approach for the upcoming month. This will be your roadmap for success.

Utilizing the 3 prong approach you will find the Peaceful Power Practices that work in your life. You will discover your keystone habit that sets you up for success on a daily basis. This is my go to approach especially since becoming a mom. If I didn’t have my habits in place I know I mentally would still be lost and feel like a shell of my former self. These habits have helped not only myself but other clients get long term results that make you excited to work on you again.

If you’re interested in learning more on how Peaceful Power Practices can be introduced into your life I have a 90 minute forming habits session that I open a few times a month to find out more click here.