Week 8: Putting it all together

Welcome to week 8 of the Ayurvedic coaching program. I can’t believe it’s already here! This week I want to make sure your ready to implement what you’ve learned and if you want to dive deeper some of my favorite resources.

  • Evolution of self

Week 8 Videos 

Around 23 minutes

Evolution of Self 

Week 8 Resources 

Evolution of Self

This week 

Create your game plan for going forwards after this course.  One of the biggest challenges can be the holidays. So this is a great challenge to see how much you can evolve this holiday season. Create your non-negotiables going forwards. What do you need this holiday season? The other challenge this week what do you want to explore deeper?

Wanting to Explore Deeper 

***Cate Stillman- Yoga Healer 

-Also has a podcast- The Yoga healer real life show 

***Katie Silcox- http://www.katiesilcox.com/

***Sahara Rose- Iamsahararose

Also has a podcast- The highest self podcast 

***Great Recipes- joyfulbelly.com