Week 2: Introduction to the Doshas

Week 2 we are going into the doshas. The homework this week is to discover more about each dosha and to pick up the language about the doshas and how to implement the doshic language into your life.

Week 2 Videos

Introduction to the doshas 

Seasonal Doshas 

Week 2 Resources

Dosha Training Guide

Week 2- Seasonal Doshas

This week will give you a background on the doshas. We are going to be breaking down specifically what each dosha should eat next week and how to determine when a dosha is off how to go about finding your balance again.

Big Takeaways

Vata = Need Routines

Pitta = Need Self-Care

Kapha = Need to move

Tree of Disease 

  • Live out of sync with nature
  • Live against your constitution
  • Non-nutritent diet
  • Improper Exercise
  • Negative or repressed emotions
  • Erratic Schedule
  • Troubled Relationships

My Fall Cleanse Sample 

Not only do we write out which foods we want to eat but we also want to write down what our daily habits will be. Pick the daily habits that you know will push you and not habits that are already formed.