Week 1: Goals & Keystone Habits

Week 1: Goals & Keystone Habits 

Click below to download your homework for week one. Watch the video first and then do the homework afterwards. This week is laying the foundation for your 8 week program. We are doing some internal work so you can deep dive into who you want to be in the next 8 weeks.

Week 1: Video 

*22 minutes in length

Week 1 Homework

Remember to answer all the questions on the week 1 homework to set yourself up for success for the following 8 weeks.

The next few weeks we will be deep diving into the doshas. You might need to block off around an 1-2 hours for the next few weeks to read through and listen to the upcoming videos. Also block off a little time to implement what you’ve learned. To implement the nutrition aspect will require a little planning. You can take the dosha quiz here to find your mind/body type. This is from my friend Sahara Rose who breaks down your dosha both in mind & body.