Tired, Stressed, and no idea how to fix it? 

We need to talk

Let's help you reset your mindset & habits to implement the rituals that will transform your life.


Type A personalities, busy moms, buisness owners, on-the go women, stay at home moms. 

Their Goals: Gain energy, have fun, live life on their terms, leave unfulfilling jobs & relationships, love themselves again and truly know themselves.

Stop Living Life By Someone Else's Rules 

Have you been living life on someone else's terms? Do you know what you like to do for fun? So many of us have become out of balance with ourselves. We haven't been able to prioritize our health, take care of our stress, or even figure out what routines will help us make lasting changes.  


Ayurveda (which literally translates to the wisdom of life) it has been the vessel that has helped me bridge the gap of feeling lost, alone, and feeling like my true purpose wasn't being met. 

I went from throwing up weekly, feeling stressed out, burnt out and unclear to finally having a clear purpose that has kept me grounded and present in my life. I started to know myself again and found what really filled my cup up. 

I want to help you do the same on your terms. I'm all about helping you co-create your own roadmap for your evolving life.

Less Stress Stress is the #1 cause of disease in the body and many of us don't know how to deal with it properly. I will teach you techniques that work in your life. 

Unlock your passions We will go deep with our coaching. Sometimes we have to unearth things we've pushed down that can be the key to unlocking our true goals. Other times we just need a priority adjustment. We will discover together what your passion is & what your deep dark goals are. 

Integrative Homework By adding in homework in between sessions we can really discover where you are struggling and work towards solutions to help you have lasting habit changes.

Strategic Consulting Every client is different so coaching strategies will depend on what works for you. Andrea works with you and your personality/dosha to help you get results. 



I'm a former recovering type A personalitiy myself. I used to run on all cylinders. I was constantly fatigued, stressed out and really was having no fun in my life. 

I discovered you don't need to constantly hustle to get results and I can teach you how. Some of my favorite women to work with are type A women as seeing them transform is like watching a flower slowly bloom. 


Are you feeling like your constantly on a hamster wheel doing the same thing day in and day out with no true fulfillment in your life? Your doing the things that "should" make you happy on paper but something is missing. We dig deep into why and what your really need to help connect you to your true purpose. 


If at the end of your day your so exhausted that your default is to unwind with a glass of wine which makes you tired the next day and increases your anxiety this is a pattern I can help you fix. Instead of feeling frazzled and in need of numbing out at the end of your day we will work on crafting tools & techniques that will keep you grounded throughout your day.


You've made it this far. You're wondering if I can truly help you. 

Because... you've tried other programs and nothing happened. I get it Ayurveda is somewhat new to the US but it's only going to continue to grow here. Women and men are waking up to medicine that has been around for centuries and it doesn't require any prescriptions. 

We will help you connect back to your self & your soul. What is it that you want to do and will help you feel connected to your life again? You will learn what lights you up and how you can bring your passions into your daily routine to live your best life. 

I know I won't be able to offer this forever—it requires real human time and attention and I can only accept so many women into this program. But I would love for you to get in on it now. 


  • Initial 90 minute Ayurvedic consult
  • 5, 45 minute Zoom calls with Andrea 
  • Custom lifestyle plan built for you 
  • Ongoing voxer support during the 3 month program
  • Snail mail gifts that you will use 
  • "Homework" & accountability you will enjoy 
  • Price: $600 paid in full or $225 for 3 months