Learn how your menstrual cycle is playing a hidden factor in your constant stress & fatigue loop and how to break free from it!

Are You Stressed & Fatigued On The Daily? 

Self-Care with your Menstrual cycle

Let's get started!

It's time to learn how to create a self-care routine that aligns with your cycle so you feel more grounded, present and energized throughout the month. 

Stop thinking routines don't work for you and understand how your routine needs to shift based on your monthly needs. 

but you have a menstrual cycle and your not the same from day to day. 

Here's the problem you are trying to be the same day in & day out. 

This is not another course you have to digest this is a challenge where you can download your 4 week calendar and go!
I tell you what to do each day so you don't have to make one more decision that day. 

I understand the busy hustle mode, running from work to kids, to trying to make space for you each day can be HARD! 

This is ALL possible. I'll show you how!

Often self-care can feel like one more daunting to do list item that doesn't actually make us feel better. You will leave this program with practices you know work for YOU! 

Self-care that doesn't feel like a to do list

Learn the importance of slowing down and resting, vs pushing to exhaustion daily. 

Increase your fertility 

If you constantly second guess yourself learn how your menstrual cycle can help you feel more confident depending on the phase you're in. 

Not overthinking every little detail

Create lifestyle changes based on what is best for your menstrual cycle to reduce your period pains. 

Practice self-care in your own way

What if you could...

woah, that's true.

I used to pack my schedule so full I had no idea what I liked to do for fun, let alone think about self-care with your menstrual cycle! 

I was the girl who didn't know how many days each cycle phase was, how to tell if you were ovulating and just felt a bit lost about the entire period process. 

Along with not knowing about my cycle I didn't feel the need to practice self-care because I was to "busy" all the time. 

Fast forward to today, I cherish my morning, afternoon & evening self-care practices and adjust them to my cycle based on what my body is telling me it needs. A true understanding of how to listen to my body! 

I know what it's like I used to feel that way too.

You might feel embarrassed that you don't understand the difference between the luteal & follicular phases.

Self-Care with Your Cycle will help you tune into your monthly flow in an intuitive and transformative way! 

Learn how to slow down and tune in vs feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with this 4 week series that gets updated throughout the year!   

Self-Care With Your Cycle 

you're gonna love

You will have a guidebook that includes herbal recipes and food recipes for each cycle phase. These will be things you can do month after month. 

Herbs & Recipes Ideas for each Cycle Phase

Pop-up Facebook lives to learn new practices to implement each month and to ask questions on how to balance your menstrual cycle needs. 

Private Facebook Group

You will get a self-care calendar that includes one item to try each day of your menstrual cycle. All practices are between 2-30 minutes. 

Self-Care in bite sized doses 

This Program is Focused on Getting You Results in 3 Core Ways

→ How to track your cycle and why it matters. 

→ Understanding what dosha imbalance you might have and how to adjust your practices to ease period pain.

→You'll discover how to track your menstrual cycle so you can move towards a pain free period. 

→ You will feel confident tracking your period without using an app! 

in this module you'll discover:

Start with the basics of cycle tracking, what each phase of your cycle does, and a bonus self-care tracker you can use throughout your month. 

Understanding Your Cycle

module One

→ The calendar maps out exactly what practices to try based on the day of your cycle. 

→ You will be able to take out decision fatigue by implementing the practice of the day in an easy to follow fashion! 

→ You'll discover how to listen to your body based on your menstrual cycle so you can have a predictable routine that will work for you! 

→ Learn what your body needs each phase of your cycle. 

in this module you'll discover:

This is lesson will be your guide for the 30 day+ challenge. You can do this challenge month after month. 

30 Day Challenge

Module Two

→ 10-20 minute yoga videos to practice moving with your cycle. 

→ Pranayama that will calm you, give you energy, or make you feel playful for each phase.

→ You'll discover how to practice mindfulness during your cycle so you can feel your best all month long.  

→ Learn how to slow down and tune into your bodies rhythm. 

in this module you'll discover:

Learn how to practice yoga asana and pranayama during each cycle phase to leave you feeling energized, grounded and centered throughout your month. 

Yoga Asana & Pranayama for your cycle

Module Three

→ Wondering what foods are best for each phase of your cycle? Learn how to cycle sync your diet. 

→ Understand why your body is craving sweets right before your period and what foods might reduce those cravings. 

→ You'll discover easy to follow recipes so you can learn what foods are most nourishing during each of the four menstrual phases. 

→ Leave with over 16 new food recipes, 10 new bodycare recipes plus teas for each cycle phase! 

in this module you'll discover:

Learn how to make your own bodycare products to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Along with nourishing your outer body learn cycle recipes best for each phase. 


Module Four

Join the Program

By the end of this course, you will have a self-care plan customized for you, recipes for each phase of your cycle, and oh yeah... reduced period pain too!


Thank you Andrea for this 4 week cycle care! It has taught me so much and I plan on continuing the practices in my cycle going forward! The hunger to learn is real! 

Steph B. 

Oh wow thank you!! The social media break on day 28 is exactly what I need each month. I cannot wait until the follicular phase yoga practice! 

Ashley J. 

I was too! This challenge helped not only myself but other challengers stop the excessive wine drinking and learned tools that actually will make you feel nourished! 

Do you feel stuck in a habit loop of drinking wine to unwind most nights? 

How much does Self-Care With Your Cycle cost?

well, this sounds amazing.

As soon as you join you will have access to the Self-Care With Your Cycle program for 1 year! 

join today

Free for Cyclical Woman Collective 

I'm all about over delivering to help you get results. In addition to the 4 module course, you also get:

Discount Coaching Calls

I don't offer 1 off coaching calls but the feedback is in and women wanted this to be added to the program. If you have specific period questions hop on a 45 minute 1:1 coaching call with me to help you fix your period pain. 

Discounted 1:1 coaching calls


- Jess B

I bought Andrea's book and my oldest daughter has it now in a prized spot in her room. She loved learning about her menstrual cycle from Andrea. She quotes her at dinner based on what cycle phase she is in and what practices she should be doing at that time. 

It truly is invaluable information to teach not only myself but to really educate my 2 daughters on how not to be afraid of their bodies.  

"Not only I benefited from this program but my teenage daughters did as well."

You still believe women should be hiding their tampons, are embarrassed to share that your bleeding with your partner, or think your period is dirty. 

You aren't ready to fully embrace period wisdom.

If you aren't willing to notice the subtle shifts in your energy, or believe your period phases make a difference this is not for you. 

You think you should be the same from day to day.

10 minutes a day is not a ton of time to ask for. Real change will need you to carve out space for you again.

You can't commit to making time for you. 

You still think your period is something taboo and shouldn't be talked about in public.  

You aren't prepared in this way.

This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

You're ready to make a change and know it needs to start somewhere. Often self-care is one of the best places to start to help you slow down & tune in. 

You are ready for self-care & period talk.

If you grew up with your period being something dirty and you know it's not but still have a bad relationship with it, and want it to change this program is for you! 

You are passionate about destigmatizing the period.

Self-care doesn't need to be for hours to reap the benefits. Learn quick ways to recenter throughout your day. 

You can commit 10 minutes a day to the program.

This program will help newbies and pros alike learn new self-care practices rooted in Ayurveda & yoga.  

You are brand new to learning about your cycle or a veteran! 

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

Facebook Group Sharings

“I feel so much more in-sync with my cycle and understand what my period pain is telling me based on my dosha imbalance each month."

- Lisa

"I was hesitant at first because it felt like such a big commitment, but it was totally worth the price!"


If you told me 8 years ago I would be talking about periods, I would have thought you were joking. I was the girl who had her mom buy her pads into her mid-20's. 

Since feeling a nudge to explore, research, and live my life according to my cycle, and seeing results I felt the calling to share this wisdom with more women.

Women, who might also be a little shy about talking about their periods but are intrigued by what it can do for them. This has shifted my life's work in profound ways. I rarely have cramps or any menstrual cycle "side effects", I've learned how to live with my cycle even as a busy mom & business owner. I keep things practical, relatable and doable for you so you can do that too! 

It's time to learn about our bodies 5th vital sign, our menstrual cycle. 

I went from hiding my pads in my shopping cart to sharing about what cycle day I'm on, on the internet! 

Why learn from me?

Join the program

Learn new bodycare, tea and food recipes for each cycle phase to help ease period pain. 

Recipes for your Cycle

Ask questions as they come up, and join us for bonus pop-up Facebook lives.

Private Facebook Group 

You will have access to your educational hub for a year to work through the material, or download and go right on your phone. 

Educational Hub

Learn how to practice mindfulness around your menstrual cycle. 

Yoga & Pranayama for each cycle phase

When you buy Self-Care With Your Cycle, you get these things!

ok, let's recap!

I'm ready. Let's go!

Now- Cyber Monday Sale!! 

You will have access to the program for 1 year as soon as you join! 

i'm all in!

one payment of $149

  • Self-Care Calendar 

  • Cycle specific recipes 

  • Yoga & Pranayama practices 

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Discounted 1:1 Coaching Calls

Pay in full for $149


Common Qs and As:

I have a question...

You can expect to learn how to become less stressed, gain energy and finally figure out the routine that works for you. You will understand how to start & end your day, what workout is best for you and how to unwind based on your cycle phase. 

What should I expect when I join? 

Anyone who can't figure out why they are constantly fatigued, how to manage their stress and busy women who need to see things laid out in an easy to follow format that they can translate into their lives. 

Who can benefit from this course? 

You can still do this program. Each cycle phase will be aligned to a lunar phase. Even if you are on hormonal birth control, no longer cycling, or feel more called to the lunar cycle vs your own this program is for you!

What if I don't have a regular cycle? 

No. There will be pop-up Facebook lives that will be recorded each week and uploaded into the membership site in case you don't have Facebook. 

Are there any live calls?

You will have access to this program for 12 months. If life throws you off just pick up the next month where you left off. You can also comment underneath the portal with questions or in the Facebook group anytime. 

What if I'm afraid I can't commit to the full 30 days? 

With this program, you can.

Start to reduce your period pain. 

Have time for you again. 

Feel confident about your menstrual cycle. 

Have less PMS. 

Reduce your stress & anxiety. 

Learn how to listen to your body. 

Imagine if you could...

Still not sure? Check out this video!

It’s decision time. You can keep spinning your wheels on why you don't feel your best each month. Or, you can learn how to practice self-care in a way that works with your body not against it.

Join Self-Care with Your Cycle Challenge below!  

Are you ready to say yes to more self-care and understanding your 5th vital sign?

Join the Self-paced program 

— Steph 

"For the first time in my life I actually understand the differences of my menstrual cycle phases and what practices feel best throughout my month."