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Self-Care with your Cycle


A 4 Week 

Are You Stressed & Fatigued On The Daily? 

Learn how your menstrual cycle is playing a hidden factor in your constant stress & fatigue pattern so you can finally relax.

    Are you constantly fatigued, stressed & always on the go? 

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    You want to feel healthy, happy and more present on the daily basis? 

    this self-care challenge is for you! 

    If you want things laid out for you in an easy to follow fashion and you don't have
    a lot of time but you do want to start making time for you again.

      This course includes...

      ACCOUNTABILITY & relaxation! 

      A self-care with your cycle 4 week calendar 

      You will get a self-care calendar that includes one item to try each day of your menstrual cycle. All practices are between 2-30 minutes. 

      1 Live coaching Call

      Join the coaching call to learn 2 new practices to help you brainstorm your self-care after this jumpstart! 

      Menstrual Cycle herbs & recipes for each cycle phase

      You will have a guidebook that includes herbal recipes and food recipes for each cycle phase. These will be things you can do month after month. 

      — Teresa G.

      "I'm more in tune with my body & that I get to listen to my body, not that I have to"

      This is for you if...

      • You want to understand how to practice self-care with your menstrual cycle. 

      • Learn what routines are needed in your life to stay grounded all month long. 

      • Learn how to stay cool, calm and collected during the PMS phase of your cycle. 

      • You want to understand how to listen to your body.

      • You want to learn how to relax that doesn't involve a bottle of wine.

      • You want everyday tips that won't take hours for living in alignment with your cycle. 

      I help high achieving women get out of their heads & into their bodies.

      • Lifestyle changes that help you practice self-care in a way that feels good to you. 

      • Learning how to stay in balance with their innate inner wisdom

      • Increased fertility after slowing down and learning to rest vs pushing their bodies to exhaustion each day. 

      • Not overthinking every little detail to help you find your inner peace.

      • Morning & evening routines that align with your cycle health. 

      Massive Results I've Seen

      A true understanding of listening to your body, increased energy and a new lens to look at life from. 

      you'll feel:

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        Understand how you can make your menstrual cycle part of your daily routine!

        This call will offer 2 bonus self-care practices with each phase of your cycle and answering common cycle questions. 

        Download and go with your self-care practices and don't have to make one more decision today. This calendar is full of 28 practices built around your menstrual cycle. You just find what cycle day you're on and start there! 

        What's Included in the program?

        • Live coaching call
        • Self-Care Monthly Calendar
        • Herbal & Food Recipes 

        Learn how to eat with your cycle with yummy recipes that will help you reduce pms and other period cramps. 

        • Private Facebook Group 

        To ask questions and enjoy pop-up lives to answer questions I'm seeing arise in the space. 

        • Prizes to help you stay motivated 

        Last round I gave away $300 worth of prizes that you will use and help you live in sync with your cycle! 

        I'm an Ayurvedic practitioner, certified personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and pre/post natal specialist since 2007. I'm also a wife & mom to an active 6 year old boy.

        If you told me 8 years ago I would be talking about periods, I would have thought you were joking. I was the girl who had her mom buy her pads into her mid-20's. 

        Since feeling a nudge to explore, research, and live my life according to my cycle, and seeing results I felt the calling to share this wisdom with more women.

        Women, who might also be a little shy about talking about their periods but are intrigued by what it can do for them. This has shifted my life's work in profound ways. I rarely have cramps or any menstrual cycle "side effects", I've learned how to live with my cycle even as a busy mom & business owner. I keep things practical, relatable and doable for you so you can do that too! 

        It's time to learn about our bodies 5th vital sign, our menstrual cycle. 🩸

        Meet your coach

        Andrea Claassen

        How I get interested in periods..

        I understand the busy hustle mode, running from work to kids, to trying to make space for you each day can be HARD! 

        This is not another course you have to digest this is a challenge where you can download your 4 week calendar and go! 

        I tell you what to do each day so you don't have to make one more decision that day. 

        I will give you the roadmap you just need to carve out 10 minutes a day for you! 

        Questions & Answers

        Who can benefit from this course?

        Anyone who can't figure out why they are constantly fatigued, how to manage their stress and busy women who need to see things laid out in an easy to follow format that they can translate into their lives. 

        What to expect?

        You can expect to learn how to become less stressed, gain energy and finally figure out the routine that works for you. You will understand how to start & end your day, what workout is best for you and how to unwind based on your cycle phase. 

        Who is it not for?

        Someone who is always to busy to invest in their wellness. 

        What if i don't have a menstrual cycle? 

        You can still do this program. Each cycle phase will be aligned to a lunar phase. Even if you are on hormonal birth control, no longer cycling, or feel more called to the lunar cycle vs your own this program is for you! 

        Are there any live calls?

        Yes, there will be one live call and Facebook lives that will be recorded each week and uploaded into the membership site each week. 

        What if i'm afraid i can't commit to the full 28 days?

        You will have access to this program for a year. If life throws you off just pick up the next month where you left off. You can also comment underneath the portal with questions or in the Facebook group anytime. 

        Menstrual Cycle & Stress

        How do stress & the menstrual cycle link together? When the body is high in stress the menstrual cycle can become shorter, longer, your body becomes more dry, and your periods can become more painful. In Ayurveda stress is common with a vata or pitta imbalance. Meaning you're running on fumes in some area of your life. 

        Self-care can help you restore, replenish and feel renewed again. Self-care has been proved to help you reduce or eliminate anxiety, depression, overwhelm, reduce stress and improve concentration, focus and happiness. A happier body equals a happier menstrual cycle. The mind/body & soul are all connected. One of the fastest ways to improve your menstrual cycle is to reduce stress & anxiety. That is why I wanted to take out the overwhelm of where to start with a self-care practice and give you the roadmap you just have to make the time each day. 

        How can self-care help?

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