Ready to thrive with your menstrual cycle in mind? 

Learn how to balance your hormones using Ayurveda and the right Wellness plan customized for you! 

3 Month Cycle Deep Dive thourgh an Ayurvedic lens

Flow With Your Cycle

Flow with Your Cycle is for you if you want to optimize your health, balance your hormones and transition into perimenopause with confidence.

I wanted to create this program because Ayurveda and yoga has played that secret sauce along with the right workout plan for so many of my clients to transition into perimenopause and beyond with ease! 

Learn how to balance your body with your menstrual cycle in mind by incorporating ayurveda, workouts and yoga.

Are you entering perimenopause, and unsure of what wellness practices need to change to make you feel like you again?

What is missing from so many programs is they don't take into account a women's cycling hormones. We aren't meant to be the same day in and day out. When we try to force ourselves to go against our natural cycle we are more prone to burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, and period pain. Our bodies are stressed out and it's time we listen. This program is for you if you want to learn about your cycle using a blend of Ayurveda & western science to gain an understanding about how your body works.

This program is not for someone on hormonal birth-control pills who doesn't want to come off them or who isn't open to learning an Ayurvedic & Western Science approach to their menstrual cycles. 

Why this program? 

Your period tells you so much about your health. 

Based on your cycle phase you can implement different routines throughout the month. 

Learn what foods, activities, or workouts to do

You want to learn how to tune in but your not sure where to start. The menstrual cycle has its own innate inner wisdom that you will learn to trust yourself. 

An actual system for listening to your body

Get to the root cause of your pain and stop putting band-aids on the real issues. 

Eliminate cramps, bloating & PMS

Learn how to set up your day so you don't have those 2pm crashes. 

Stop having huge energy crashes throughout your day.

What if you could...

  • 47% of women have a hormone imbalance in the United States. Pushing ourselves to the max in all areas of our lives does not work anymore.  

  • Your period is our 5th vital sign and an early indicator on how you will experience menopause. Something worth paying attention to early. 

  • The science is in and HIIT workouts for women all month long do not get us the results we once thought they did.

You might be thinking who cares? It's just an INCONVENIENCE 5 days a month? 

Why pay attention to your menstrual cycle? 

Stop working against your body and learn how to find the routines that are best for YOU!  

Learn my signature TEMP Method in this 1:1 coaching program to help you heal your period pain. 

Flow With Your Cycle

you're gonna love

Understand what Ayurveda says about having a healthy menstrual cycle. 

Ayurvedic Lens

Ayurveda is all about getting to the root cause to treat the body. You will receive a mind/body/soul approach to your cycle health. 

Getting to the Root Cause

My signature TEMP Method will guide you to start making shifts to have a pain free period! 

TEMP Method

This Program is Focused on Getting You Results in 3 Core Ways

→ Learn how stress plays a role in your own cycle.

→Understand what foods and workouts make you feel your best through each cycle phase. 

→You'll discover how to track your menstrual cycle without using an app so you can feel confident in your own ability to track vs relying on technology. 

→ Learn how to play your own health detective each cycle phase to live in sync with your period. 

in this module you'll discover:

Learn the best way to workout with your hormones in mind. Understand if you need to increase your intensity or decrease your movement to get results. 


Module One

→ Balance your Ayurvedic dosha to ease perimenopause symptoms 

→ Understand basic Ayurvedic principles to help eat to nourish your body. 

→ You'll discover how to set up your workouts so you can balance your hormones and not push too hard. 

→ Learn the hidden factors to why your period might make you feel like ish each month. 

in this module you'll discover:

You will understand how your energetic body plays a vital role in deciding what foods to eat, movement practices to do and Ayurvedic routines are best for your dosha. 


Module Two

→ Create your own 10 minute Ayurvedic medicine wheel. 

→ Learn how to journal & practice meditation for each phase of your cycle. 

→ You'll learn how to practice self-care so you can flow with your cycle. 

→ You will leave the program with a new self-care routine in place to keep you being mindful in your daily life. 

in this module you'll discover:

Rushing from one activity to the next, never slowing down, always being "busy" are things that can take you further away from a balanced cycle. Learn how to implement mindfulness practices to find your inner wisdom. 


Module Three

→ If you battle PMS this is your must watch module to help get to your root cause of pain.

→ Use a blend of both Ayurveda & western science practices to balance your cycle. 

→ You'll discover why you have period pain so you can move towards a pain free period. 

→This module you will leave feeling empowered to fix your period pain for good! 

in this module you'll discover:

Learn Ayurvedic Practices to help you find the right doshic protocols to reduce perimenopause symptoms.


Module Four

Let's get started!

By the end of this course, you will have the tools to reduce your period pain, a new self-care routine and oh yeah.. a new workout that works in perimenopause! 

Andrea really provided a breakdown of each stage in a way that I never experienced in school and it made me finally realize that I am truly a cyclical being and that there is a way to live with my cycle rather than trying to work against it. I highly recommend this program and Andrea herself.

 It is very rewarding and empowering to live with a better understanding of your body and health!

"I greatly enjoyed learning from Andrea during the PeriPower. She did an excellent job presenting the different stages of the menstrual cycle and how to best nurture and honor your body during the whole process."

Christina Sticka Jacobs

This program can help not only you heal your period pain, but the future generations. Many mamas have shared this program with their daughters to help heal the next generation. 

Now is the time to stop hiding our pads and tampons up our sleeves! Embrace the bleed! 

It's time to destigmatize the period! 

How much does Flow With Your Cycle cost?

well, this sounds amazing.



3 Monthly payments of

- Most Flexible -

- Most Savings -

Paid in full



Book a free consult HEre

+ Weekly 30 minute, 1:1 personal training/yoga/ or Meditation sessions. (12 sessions total) 

+ Monthly, 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls (3 total) 

+ Menstrual Cycle 101 Program

+ Learning about the seasons and your menstrual cycle

+ Perimenopause and fertility bonus modules 

+ Exercise & Yoga Practices with your hormones in mind

+ Understanding which dosha your menstrual cycle needs best fit and a game plan to fix the issues. 

+ Access to my signature TEMP Method to help you understand Ayurveda and your cycle needs

what's included

A full mind/body/soul approach to your menstrual cycle and perimenopause years to help prepare you for pregnancy or have a smooth transition into menopause depending on your goals. 

What's Inside...

I'm all about over delivering to help you get results. In addition to the 6 module course, you also get:

Did someone say bonuses?

You get access to my 4 week Challenge that will help you tune into your menstrual cycle and learn to relax and tune in. 

Self-Care With Your Cycle

Bonus One

Learn the Ayurvedic way to prepare the body for the time before menopause. This doesn't have to be a painful time in your life. Get the tips on healing yourself. 

Preparing for Perimenopause Guide

Bonus Two

- Jess B. 

I bought Andrea's book and my oldest daughter has it now in a prized spot in her room. She loved learning about her menstrual cycle from Andrea. She quotes her at dinner based on what cycle phase she is in and what practices she should be doing at that time. 

It truly is invaluable information to teach not only myself but to really educate my 2 daughters on how not to be afraid of their bodies.  

"Not only I benefited from this program but my teenage daughters did as well."

This program won't be a good fit for menopause. It is focused on the menstrual phase and preparing for perimenopause. 

You're in menopause 

If you think working out harder, longer and more intensely will get you results. This is not for you.

You just want traditional workouts

If you're not open to Ayurvedic practices or learning out of the box practices. 

You don't believe in Ayurveda 

You want to rely on ibuprofen, pushing through your workouts, and are not interested in making lasting changes. 

You're not ready to get to the root cause. 

This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

In Ayurveda perimenopause should be a smooth bridge between your regular menstrual cycle and menopause. Learn tips on making sure your bridge is standing on solid ground. 

You want to prepare the body for perimenopause

This program blends both workouts, yoga, Ayurveda and stress reduction practices. 

You want a fitness program that is more than just workouts

Learn how to sync your workouts with your energy level to help thrive in perimenopause.

You're tired of starting & stopping workout routines.

Learn how to get to the root cause of your period pain. 

Your ready to heal period pain.

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?


If you told me 8 years ago I would be talking about periods, I would have thought you were joking. I was the girl who had her mom buy her pads into her mid-20's. 

Since feeling a nudge to explore, research, and live my life according to my cycle, and seeing results I felt the calling to share this wisdom with more women.

Women, who might also be a little shy about talking about their periods but are intrigued by what it can do for them. This has shifted my life's work in profound ways. I rarely have cramps or any menstrual cycle "side effects", I've learned how to live with my cycle even as a busy mom & business owner. I keep things practical, relatable and doable for you so you can do that too! 

It's time to learn about our bodies 5th vital sign, our menstrual cycle. 

I went from hiding my pads in my shopping cart to sharing about what cycle day I'm on, on the internet! 

Why learn from me?

  • Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor Shakti School Grad 2019 
  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Inner Sun & Moon Grad 2023
  • 500 HR Yoga Teacher since 2016
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2007 
  • BA- Sports & Exercise Science & Psychology 2007


Join the Program

Learn how to practice self-care, workout and yoga with your menstrual cycle! 

Self-Care, Workouts & Yoga Bonuses 

Learn to relax and let go as life gets busy. 

Meditations for stress reduction 

You will get 8 coaching calls with Andrea- weekly calls the first month and bi-weekly calls the last two months. 

1:1 Coaching Calls 

Learn how to get to the root cause using the TEMP Method to reduce period symptoms. 

TEMP Method (Educational Hub) 

Flow With Your Cycle Includes:

ok, let's recap!

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get started today

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Three monthly payments of $350

Monthly Payment Plan

3 Month coaching program

  • Twelve, 30 minute coaching calls

  • Three, 30 minute 1:1 Ayurvedic coaching calls

  • TEMP Method for perimenopause support 

  • Recipes for each phase of your cycle 

  • Self-Care practices for your doshic needs

  • Meditations for your cycle needs

  • Custom workouts and yoga practices for your energy type and wellness goals

Paid in Full

3 month coaching program

  • Twelve, 30 minute coaching calls

  • Three, 30 minute 1:1 Ayurvedic coaching calls

  • TEMP Method for perimenopause support

  • Recipes for each phase of your cycle 

  • Self-Care practices for your doshic needs

  • Meditations for your cycle

  • Custom workouts and yoga practices for your energy type and wellness goals 

one payment of $999

i'm all in!

join now

Yes, I’m ready to heal My period & prepare for perimenopause! 

Real Results from Real Students

Common Qs and As:

I have a question...

You will have 1 year access to the materials after you sign-up for the program. 

How long do I have access to the materials? 

This is the perfect program to join. We will go over ways to start living around your cycle and strategies to help you start having a more regular cycle. 

What if you have an irregular cycle? 

You can still do this program and learn how to live with your cycle and when you feel ready to come off your birth control will have tools you can put into place to have a peaceful period. 

What if I'm on hormonal birth control? 

Totally fine. People who join PeriPower are ages 35-55. All of the Ayurvedic practices and workouts are tailored to your current hormonal needs. 

What if I'm not sure if I'm in perimenopause yet?

We will talk about those on our weekly workouts and on our 1:1 coaching calls.

What if I have specific period problems I would like to learn about? 

All lessons can be completed in 20-30 minutes each week. 

How much time do I need to spend on the lessons each week? 

With this program, you can.

  • Have sustained lasting energy. 

  • Reduced brain fog 

  • Better sleep 

  • More creative energy for work, family & your own hobbies. 

  • A deeper understanding of your body so you can truly understand your hormones as a woman.

  • Practices to help the dryness and discomfort from the lower estrogen levels at this stage of life.

Imagine if you could...

Here's exactly what our customers are saying

Is it worth it?

i'm all in.

Often in this stage of life more is not the answer.

Learn the practices ideal for YOU! 

Are you ready to say yes to reducing period pain?

— Melissa P. 

"I'm so glad I said yes to healing myself. I was tired of living in pain 1 week every month. This program helped me get to the root cuase."

The Program is currently open