Online Custom Coaching Program

One thing I’ve noticed after being in the fitness & wellness industry for 11 years now is that women love to be given a program that tells us exactly what to do so we don’t have to think about it. It’s one less decision we need to make. But over the years after always being told what to do for our health means we become numb to our bodies, and our own intuition into what actually makes us feel good. We get lost in the marketing world of what we “should” do, & the latest diet fad.

That is why I wanted to create an online program teaching you how to listen to your body, so you will have more freedom around your workouts, & dieting mindset. Learn to trust yourself again and I will be there to help guide you in the right direction for you! No two programs are alike as no two women are alike.

The Details:

I offer 3, 6 or 12 month online programing options. Each coaching service provides weekly check-ins, monthly phone calls, and additional homework to help you make the habits changes that will finally break you free from your past beliefs about what fitness & nutrition are “suppose to” look like.

  • 3-4 custom workouts or yoga sequences a month
  • Monthly custom workout calendar
  • Weekly check-in emails or text messages
  • Bonus “core teachings” homework
  • Nutrition tips & ideas
  • 2, 30 minute calls a month- During the phone calls we can do a workout, yoga session, or talk mindset, habits or nutrition. You get to decide what would best suite your needs.

Package Options: 

3 Month Program:  $199/month

6 Month Program: $179/month

12 Month Program: $159/month

Scheduling a Free Fitness Lifestyle Reboot call: 

To schedule your free 15 minute consult with Andrea email or book a session to go over your goals in more depth & see if which program would be the best fit for you.

In-person Training & Yoga Offerings 

I offer in-person personal training & yoga at a small studio in Saint Louis Park, MN or provide in-person personal training for women who live in Saint Paul, MN.

*Currently I only have openings select times from 6am-12pm Monday, Tuesday, & Thursdays mornings.