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About My Training Philosophy: 

One thing I’ve noticed after being in the fitness & wellness industry for 11 years now is that women love to be given a program that tells us exactly what to do so we don’t have to think about it. It’s one less decision we need to make. But over the years after always being told what to do for our health means we become numb to our bodies, and our own intuition into what actually makes us feel good. We get lost in the marketing world of what we “should” do, & the latest diet & fitness trend.

My online Ayurvedic coaching program is geared to teach you how to listen to your body, so you will have more freedom around your workouts, & dieting mindset. Of course I don’t just throw you into the deep end with no guidance I teach you how to do that. I use an 8 part personal roadmap technique to really help set you up for success on becoming more aware of what your body wants & needs. I will be there to help guide you in the right direction along your journey to trusting yourself again.

Want to get clear on which option is best for you? Hop on the phone with me and I will help determine which option fits your needs.

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In-person Training & Yoga Offerings 

I offer in-person personal training & yoga at a small studio in Saint Louis Park, MN as well as at your home if you live in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.

Current Availability: 45 Minute– Group Training in St. Louis Park studio- Mondays 9am, Thursdays 9am or 9:45am, Fridays at 9am

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Pre/Post Natal Fitness

**Please, please do your research no matter which trainer you choose for postpartum care. It really is an important time to train with someone well versed in postpartum care.

Learn how to workout safety during pregnancy and have a safe transition back into your workouts post-birth. There are so many things done wrong in the fitness industry around postpartum workout care. I’m a big proponent of you not having incontinence issues, diastasis recti or other body issues that can last for years with improper training both during pregnancy and during the 4th trimester.