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Working out with your cycle

Where to start 

Learn about the 4 phases of your cycle to help optimize your wellness


Where to

Move with your cycle 28 Day DIY Program

Wanting even more specific workouts besides general tips?

This 28 day download and go program is for you! It includes 19 workouts with video demonstrations for each move to do throughout the month based on your cycle. 

Wanting more information?

Check out my weekly podcast & blogs that go over even more information about learning how to workout with your cycle. 

The Seasonal Living Mamas Podcast focuses on how to live seasonally, workout with your cycle or the moon, and incorporate simple Ayurvedic practices into your life. Andrea Claassen will be your host and she will occasionally bring on monthly guests based on each months theme.

Workout With Your Cycle Starter Guide

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    Wanting to dive deeper with your period and your workouts?

    Hustle, Muscle
    & Flow

    Join our 12 week group coaching program to help you learn how to workout with your cycle. You will leave understanding each phase of your cycle and the workouts to do with each phase.

    This program opens twice a year in the Fall & Spring seasons. 

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     Free Toolkit

    28 Days of Ayurveda 

    Learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into your life using some of my favorite ways to introduce Ayurvedic concepts in an easy to digest manner.

      My Favorite Tools To Listen To My Intuition 

      Divine Time // Morning time to connect with myself 

      Nature // To ground my energy and refocus

      Goddess Energy // Yoga, expressing myself, moon circles

      Balancing Energy // 5 senses activities 

      10 Minute Ayurvedic Medicine // Daily 2pm check-ins 

      Reading // Before bed everyday 

      Craving 1:1 Coaching?

      Train with Andrea