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Learn how to live a cyclical life based on your goals! 


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Lift with your cycle

Craving self-care that flows with your menstrual cycle phases? This 28 day DIY program is perfect to give you a jumpstart in taking care of you again! 

These practices are geared to give you Ayurvedic & yogic self-care ideas that take 10 minutes a day to help you hit the reset button! 

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Take Time For You

Self-Care with Your Cycle Jumpstart

If you love to lift weights and want to incorporate your menstrual cycle into your routine this is the download and go program for you!   

There are 19 lifting based workouts to help you balance your hormones, get results all while being in alignment with your energy needs! 

Coming again Late Fall 2022

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Coming Fall 2022

Find Your Inner Strength 

Menstrual Cycle 101

This is a great starter course for you to understand each phase of your menstrual cycle or a guide to give to your daughter to help her feel more ready for what's to come the next 40 years.

Starter Course

If  you're not familiar with the menstrual cycle phases and want to know more this is where to start! 

Approximate time investment: 2 hours 

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I had previously felt like Ayurvedic was daunting and slightly un-relatable, although I was always very interested in the topic.

Andrea effortlessly took big Ayurvedic concepts and broke them down into relatable simple, actionable items that allowed me to reap the benefits of seasonal living, while also being able to dive deeper if I desired.

I absolutely recommend taking this course if you're interested at all in feeling more peaceful, grounded and connected with the Universe, especially if you're feeling more ungrounded and disconnected than ever.

"This coaching program was everything
I asked for, and much, much more." 


Mona Lisa Ondevilla 

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