Andrea Claassen

Movement, Mindfulness & Mother nature

Tune In

Learn to work with your body not against it

Unwind, de-stress and feel the benefits of a cyclical workout routine for your mind, body & soul.

with me 

Ways to work 

I specialize in helping you set up your seasonal wellness routine. 

I will go through your dosha (mind/body type) information & imbalances you might be experiencing right now to create an ideal plan to help you reach your goals. 

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Wanting holistic practices to calm or uplift the mind & body? Ayurveda Offerings

Ayurvedic Coaching
1:1 Coaching

Hustle, Muscle & Flow 

Workout with your cycle

This 8 week program helps you tune into your fifth vital sign, your menstrual cycle. 1:1 coaching program.

You will learn how to workout with your cycle, practice self-care & learn Ayurvedic tips for living in alignment with you.

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This is my signature 4 week Ayurvedic group coaching program. Each season brings new energy and our focuses shifts to learn how we can best align ourselves with that season. 

Each session focuses on movement, mindfulness & nourishment practices based on the season & dosha energy. 

Seasonal Living Collective

Next round starts June 14th

Blend movement with mindset 

New Moon Circles

Currently Online 

Each month join us for the Wild Woman Project new moon circle experience.

Each circle we have journal prompts, guided meditation, monthly ritual, and group sharing to connect with other women.  

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