Andrea Claassen

Movement, Mindfulness & Mother nature

Tune In

Learn to work with your body not against it

Unwind, de-stress and feel the benefits of a cyclical workout routine for your mind and body.

with me 

Ways to work 

I specialize in helping you balance your hormones by finding a workout routine that works with you not against you.

I blend my training programs with holistic wellness coaching offers to help you get lasting results. 

Online Coaching & Personal Training

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Blend movement with mindset 

New to Ayurveda?
The Seasonal Living Collective is a great place to start!

Seasonal Living Collective

Join our 4 week Seasonal Living Program to help you trust your intuition, learn the feminine form of Ayurveda, live yoga classes and 1:1 coaching support.  

Each season brings in new energy and each season the Collective changes accordingly. 

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I specialize in helping you set up your seasonal routine. 

I will go through your dosha (mind/body type) information & imbalances you might be experiencing right now to create a seasonal wellness plan ideal for you in this season of your life. 

Ayurvedic 1:1
Online Coaching

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Ready to dive a little deeper with your wellness practices and wanting a custom approach?

New Moon Circles
Online Seasonal Home Retreats 

Online Events

Each month join us for the Wild Woman Project new moon circle experience.

Interested in Ayurveda and needing a deep nourishing experience at home? Join us for our 1 day online Ayurvedic retreats for a restorative day at home. 

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