Andrea Claassen

Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature

a seasonal guide geared to help you connect back to your own inner wisdom

July Seasonal Living Almanac

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Ayurvedic Summer Routines

Full Moon & New Moon Ideas for the month

Ayurvedic workout plan for the month

Monthly Self Check-In's

Summer Ayurvedic Recipe

3 Books I'm Reading this Month 

What do we cover?

New to seasonal living?

* Learn why living with the seasons can help you increase your energy & decrease your stress

* Mindful movement practices based on the season we are in & the dosha that is most predominant at this time of the year.

* Seasonal self-care ideas. Each month you will get new ideas that are in season for you to try. 

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Meet Your Coach- Andrea Claassen

Why I love coaching Ayurvedic techniques?

I have found since I started living seasonally my health and awareness of my body started to shift. I started having lasting energy, better digestion and consistent routines. At it's core Ayurveda is a seasonal medicine system. 

I wanted to share with other mamas tools to help YOU find your balance, add more movement into your day & live more in flow with nature. With each new quarter brings new energy and new chances to live in tune with nature & your own divine body wisdom. 

Andrea has been in the wellness community for over 13 years as an Ayurvedic wellness counselor, certified personal trainer,  yoga instructor, and pre/postpartum specialist. She also has a bachelors degree in sports & exercise science and psychology. Finally she is a proud wife & mama to an active 4 year old boy.

Over the past 13 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done this by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. These small habits lead to lasting changes. Andrea's goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to become.

After working with Andrea, I was able to treat my debilitating heartburn naturally, no medications needed just by changing my diet."

- Hong B.

Her coaching style is so unique! She gets straight to the heart of what's going on."

- kimberly k.

You can put as many testimonials here as you want! ;)

- Elizabeth m.