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49: Scott Aaron on listening to your heart & getting out of your head


Scott Aaron Bio

I have spend 19 years in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer, health club owner, and sports nutritionist. My passions shifted as my mindset did and I wanted more out of life. I ventured in the world of Network Marketing and after 3 1/2 years and was able to retire from my job and business. My passion now is assisting other Network Marketers around me the benefit of residual income and how untapped LinkedIN is for connections, conversations, and conversions into your business. In the last 14 months alone, I have grown my connections from 700 to 10,300 with an average of 30 calls per week,
My passion is being a servant to the Network Marketing Industry, and teaching all of those around me how to take their own businesses to explosive levels. I assist Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Online Small Businesses, how to not only use the power of LinkedIN to grow your business, but also how this specific social media platform has to be implemented to make your business stand out, grow, and all without paying for leads or having to do funnels.
I pride myself on teaching my clients how to organically grow as a person which will grow a huge network of business. It’s all about the law of attraction.

Questions Discussed 

  • Can you tell us a little about your background?
  • How is being a gym owner different than being a personal trainer?
  • What were the best & worst parts of being a personal trainer in a gym setting?
  • What assets do you think a good personal trainer has?
  • How did you branch into online personal training?
  • What made you decide to give network marketing a try?
  • What made you decide to transition to LinkedIn business coach to Network Marketers and Online Business Owners?
  • What is one tip for small business owners to help them utilize LinkedIn in their business?
  • Do you find that more females are utilizing LinkedIn this past year or is it still more male dominant?
  • You have reached tremendous success and are not afraid to try new ventures what mindset tips do you have for people looking to make a life shift?
  • Can you tell us about the belief system you need to have in place to take yourself  to the next level?
  • I know you have a free gift guide to LinkedIn on your website can you tell us a little about that?
  • Where is the best place for us to connect with you at?
  • What does Peaceful Power mean to you?
  • What weekly challenge would you like to give the listeners?

Book Discussed 

The power of now- Eckhart Tolle


Getting uncomfortable can up level you
Listen to your heart & get out of your head

Connect with Scott

Instagram: @scott_aaron

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