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218: Craving a more holistic lifestyle? You’re not alone.


How are you doing?


Seasonal Saturday 

The number 1 response I got from the women who took my survey about what was their health goal was living a more holistic lifestyle. I don’t think that’s a coincidence we are in such a fast paced environment now that we often feel overwhelmed, confused and no idea what is actually good for us anymore.
We are often unable to digest what’s coming at us.

How can we start to live a more holistic lifestyle?

  • Notice the change of seasons
  • Ayurvedic spring & fall detox
  • Connect back to nature
  • Listen to your body
  • Have a 2pm check-in
  • Slow down & listen to yourself

Journal Prompt:

What does living a holistic lifestyle mean to  you? How can you live a more holistic life right now?

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