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210: Can you really get results from short workouts throughout your day?


Today’s podcast we are breaking down if you can really get results in short workouts throughout your day.

My Experiment

I’m super excited about a new project I’m working on to go along with the Holistic Fitness Almanac which is called seasonal living mamas. It is all about living in season, with the doshas, how to workout, eat and set routines based on what’s going outside. As we are connected to nature and there is a reason in the spring we just want to run around and play and they call it spring fever, or cabin fever in the winter when you feel all cooped up and are ready to finally be outside.  Along with living seasonally I wanted to bring weekly movement ideas into play.

These workouts can be broken into 10 minute segments throughout your day or done all at once. I’ve been trying them out the last 2 weeks to see how I like it and how practical it is for the average busy mama to accomplish.


I haven’t noticed any dip in my training ability. I was able to move heavy furniture with my dad down a flight of old farm stairs, I still was able to sprint at 9.5 miles per hour on the treadmill. I can still lift just as heavy as weight and still am remaining toned in my upper body which is always the first to go on me.


The main adjustment I see is with our mindset around shorter workouts. We feel we are not doing enough because that’s what we have been told. We think it needs to be in the gym, lifting 2-4x a week, cardio daily for an hour. It really doesn’t. If you like to dance that can be your cardio, if you enjoy yoga go to yoga, if you enjoy a combo of everything make sure you incorporate it all to not feel bored. The main thing with movement and getting results is doing it. If you enjoy what you’re doing you’re more likely to accomplish it. How can you make your workouts more fun and inviting for you to do?


Short but sweet is the name of the game. We need to increase the intensity while keeping the workouts short. I’m literally sore right now from a 16 minute workout yesterday. Short, intense to the point workouts work. If your goal is to get results, or even get cardio in the shorter workouts are effective. If you are not a big fan of high intensity workouts but want to keep your workouts short, you can though the overall benefits might not be as big as the short intense workouts.

Journal Prompt:

If I feel short workouts are not effective, why?

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