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168: Reed Mosimann on Body Talk


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Reed Mosimann and I chat all about body talk.


Reed is someone I’ve been mentoring since she was in college. She now is a lead trainer at Orange Theory Fitness and has started her own training business. She is such an old soul that is here to help so many souls to live a more mindful, fit life. If you’ve been craving a fitness conversation this is it learn what mistakes you might make in the gym, why talking about your body constantly might not be a good thing, and learn what to do instead.

Background on Reed Mosimann

I am a wellness fanatic, certified personal trainer (NASM), nutrition coach (Pn1), label reader, do-er of active things, nature seeker and passionate dreamer (oh, and a dog mom). With over 5 years of experience in the wellness space, I deliver coaching advice that helps simplify the confusing world of wellness, founded on the principles of stress less, eat smart and move more. Let’s cut through the chaos of fad diets and workouts to help create sustainable change with healthy behaviors.

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Topics Discussed

  •  Why stepping on the scale might not get you results
  • How to make a true behavior change
  • Why we want to live outside of our comfort zone
  • Why meditation is so important
  • How to know & follow your passion

Weekly Challenge:

Take 5 minutes to meditate 3x this week

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