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154: Erin Wathen on Why Can’t I stick to a Diet?


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Erin Wathen about diets and why we really struggle with sticking to a diet, it’s not just about willpower.


I was introduced to Erin through a podcast agency and really found our philosophies to be very similar. I was impressed with Erin’s extensive education in psychology and fitness. She really gets into the real reasons why diets don’t work. If you are a science person and likes to have more information that has been proven Erin provides us with a wealth of knowledge in today’s show.

Background on Erin Wathen

Erin Wathen is holistic health coach, food abuse counselor and author of Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet? : How To End The Food Drama. Originally from the West Coast, Erin worked in human resources in NYC for many years.
As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a Food Addiction Counselor (INFACT), Erin understands the science behind health. As a Certified Spinning® Instructor (STAR 3), Vinyasa Yoga instructor (200 Hour) and Classical Pilates instructor, she understands the mechanics of health as well. Fortunately, she also knows how to break it all down into everyday talk for her clients.
Despite her wealth of knowledge on diet and exercise, Erin was not at peace with her body. She found true nutrition to be the missing piece of the puzzle. She was always on a diet and yet never reached her goal weight. Through a lot of trial and error, Erin found her last diet, which became her food plan and the basis of her book Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet? The book is currently available online at Amazon and will be available in bookstores November 2018.
Her philosophy simply put: Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise, but our lives as a whole. She partners with her clients to work on solutions that fit into their lifestyle, empowering them to live their healthiest life in our crazy world.

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Topics Discussed

  • Erin’s book- Why can’t I stick to a diet
  • Sugar addiction and how to break the cycle
  • How sleep is connected to what you eat
  • Stress and how it runs rampant in our culture


Weekly Challenge:

Pause 20 seconds before eating see how you feel, pause 20 seconds mid-meal & see how you feel, pause 20 seconds after your done and check-in with how you feel.

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