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150: Lane Kennedy on Biohacking & Hemp Oil


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Lane Kennedy about how to biohack your health and how hemp oil can help you restore your health.



Lane approaches health from alternative methods and teaches us how to find the best hemp oil, why you should take hemp oil and who hemp oil can benefit. She breaks down the new market of hemp oil and why you need to do your research before taking just any hemp oil brand. Just like your lotions, make-up and food brands there are higher quality products to be purchasing to help you live a more quality life.

Background on Lane Kennedy

Lane Kennedy, science based biohacker seeker of upgrading my DNA and yours (my friends say I’m a little woo… but don’t let that be a distraction).  This site is dedicated to helping you uplift your spirit, find greater health, dig into happiness and create the life you are here to live.

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Topics Discussed

  • What biohacking is
  • Books to check out if biohacking is something that interests you
  • How to get better sleep
  • Hemp oil benefits
  • How to start to heal a little deeper
  • Everything you need to know about using hemp oil

Weekly Challenge:

To sit & listen for 1-5 minutes and write down what came of it without attaching any judgement.

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