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141: Tiffany Renee on healing from within



Today’s episode is near and dear to my heart. First Tiffany was an amazing guest and truly a light in this world. Second my cat of 11 years Schnoodles passed away as we recorded this interview. It is something I will always remember and will miss my favorite feline. I felt I could have went longer with the interview but Schnoodles passed right at the end of the interview. I held it together but was about to lose it. Tiffany did such an amazing job of holding space as this occurred. Enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Tiffany Renee

Tiffany Renee is a Medicine Woman: a clinical herbalist, ordained lightworker, and writer focused on helping you heal in mind, body, and spirit. She combines East Asian Herbalism, Western Herbalism, Medicinal Food Therapy, and Energywork to address Women’s Health, the Postpartum Mother, Autoimmune Diseases, and Anxiety and Stress. Tiffany combines her graduate education and research of TCM meridian/organ theories, chakras, and physiology to evolve the medicine woman archetype into a modern-day practice.


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Topics Discussed

  • Herbalism
  • How to bring herbs into your life
  • How she became a medicine woman
  • Autoimmune disease and how to battle it with food
  • Energy work
  • Reiki & what it is
  • Who can benefit from reiki

Weekly Challenge:

Try a recipe you’ve never tried before and only cook. No distractions such as music or tv. Truly be present with what your doing.

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