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Where to start 

Hopefully late 2021 we will be able to meet in-person again 💖



Feb. 20th, 2021

New Moon Circles

*Intentions for the next 30 days

*You will learn new grounding exercises you can take into your daily life

*A new tea recipe I will email you before circle if you want to nourish yourself with the recipe of the month 

*A relaxing evening to dive deeper into your goals and connect with other women. 

Next circle 
Feb. 11th

With the world still in an unknown situation the upcoming retreat will be a half day soul filled, relaxing retreat from home. 

We will be doing Ayurvedic winter practices in which you will receive a  snail mail package with goodies needed for that afternoon. 

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What you come away with..

*Abhyanga practice
*Gentle Yoga Practices
*Yoga Nidra 
*How to craft your own winter infusions 
*Journal & meditation practice
*Ayurveda & the winter season talk

What we will do

At- Home
Winter Self-Care Retreat

Looking for Ayurvedic programs to nourish your body? 

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