A 5 month journey to connect to your inner wisdom. 

Next Session Starts
Feb. 7th, 2022

Slow down & tune in to live a more mindful life

Mindful Soul

It's time to flow with your own natural wisdom again. 

Does this sound like you? 

We are cyclical beings who thrive when we remember our true nature. 

I need at least 3 cups of coffee to start my day or I can't function.

I feel like I have no time for myself..

I know I should workout but it's not enjoyable.

I'm always exhausted and overwhelmed.

I'm tired of snapping at my kids and husband for no reason.

I struggle with routines and feel overwhelmed.

Wine is how I unwind each night. 

There is nothing wrong with you for feeling different each day, but you do need to find your balance. 

It's time for a change. 

I get asked by women who want to lose weight what workouts should I be doing & what should I be eating? But the underlying problem isn't their workouts or nutrition it's disconnection from self. 

We have lost the connection to our bodies & our minds, we numb out, and we don't understand how to slow down & take care of ourselves anymore.  

That is why I created this program. To get back in touch with our own sense of self. 

We are asking the wrong questions to the wrong people.

It's time to trust you again. 

In 5 months you can start to rebuild your foundation. 

It's time to Stop putting a band-aid on a larger issue...  

Making space for you that takes 10 minutes or less a day.

An evening routine that doesn't involve wine. 

Movement & Mindfulness practices that uplift and energize you. 

Understanding how to live a cyclical lifestyle so you can enjoy each seasonal shift. 

One of the effects of sticking with an Ayurvedic lifestyle is that I am not using eating or smoking to mask the uncomfortable feelings that surface.  I have committed to creating new life enhancing habits instead of self harming coping mechanisms.

Another benefit of changing my eating habits I lost 30 pounds over the course of 3 months and started yoga daily. I also have great bowel movements, so I feel stronger in my body and supported by daily habits I haven't had before.  I keep the faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will embody self love and emerge whole and connected to my destiny. 


Diana T. 

A monthly, 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with Andrea so you can have a custom plan for you. (valued at $500)

What is the Mindful Soul? 

A 5 Month Group & 1:1 Coaching Immersion helping you get out of your head and live in your body 

What's Included: 

Three, 30 or 45 minute group coaching calls so you can build connection and have accountability. (valued at $2500)

A value of over $5000
for $1665!

$333/month for 5 months 

Each season brings new wisdom

Each season brings new wisdom with it. 

Weekly mindful seasonal practices emailed to you every Monday so you will have 20+ practices integrated into your life after our time together. (valued at $500)

Monthly virtual new moon circles so you can set intentions, be in community and stay in touch with the lunar cycle. (valued at $100)

One Day Virtual Retreat so you can have a day to relax, set goals & embody what you've learned. (valued at $500)


Next Round Starts
Feb. 7th and runs through the end of June.  

Voxer, a voice memo platform or email support M-F so you can have real time coaching, accountability & community. (valued at $800) 

Step 1: Awakening 

We begin by identifying how to trust your intuition again. Many of us have been conditioned to ignore our own wisdom in favor of what mainstream marketing wants you to believe like diet or hustle culture. 

Step 2: Integrating 

Next we work on integrating what Ayurvedic practices are helping you on your path. Depending on your goal this will look different for everyone. You will start implementing your new routines to see how they feel. 

Step 3: Embodying 

We will finish the last few months of the program embodying what you've learned. You will feel confident in trusting your intuition, practicing your new rituals to continue them after our time together in the program. You will have the tools to adjust your practices as needed with each new season. 

Our 3 part process to help you learn how to listen to your body

The results...

Learn what your ideal seasonal routine is vs. what social media often says success is, and what we "should" be doing. 

Finding your rhythm vs the "Shoulds" of life

The Seasonal Living Collectives  main goal is to help you build your wellness plan. You will learn how to stay in balance in a way that works best for you!

Learning how to listen to your body

Ayurveda can be a vast topic that we break down into simple to follow practices that fit YOUR needs. 

made simple

Ready to heal your relationship with your intuition and self trust?

This program is geared to help you connect with the feminine form of Ayurveda, living a cyclical life and developing your own wellness rules 

This is a high touch program with weekly interactions with myself and the group. I have found over the last 14 years of being in the wellness space weekly touch points are needed to keep us on our path. 

It's easy to fall back into life's to do's and forgot about our own spiritual & wellness growth. 

Week 1: Group Q & A Call and Monthly Practices overview - (45 minutes)
**We will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 8am CST

Week 2: Group Mindful Movement Practice (45 minutes)
**We will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 8am CST

Week 3: Your 1:1 Call (30 minutes)
**You will schedule at your convenience 

Week 4: Group energy healing call-meditation, breathwork and or reiki (30 minutes)
**We will meet on the 4th Thursday of the month at 8am CST

*Every Monday your wellness "omwork" will be emailed to you for the week (1-2 practices to try) 

*Virtual monthly new moon circles  

*Weekly voxer or email support

*One day virtual Spring retreat (early May)

Monthly Flow 

Additional Experiences

I had previously felt like Ayurvedic was daunting and slightly un-relatable, although I was always very interested in the topic.

Andrea effortlessly took big Ayurvedic concepts and broke them down into relatable simple, actionable items that allowed me to reap the benefits of seasonal living, while also being able to dive deeper if I desired.

I absolutely recommend taking this course if you're interested at all in feeling more peaceful, grounded and connected with the Universe, especially if you're feeling more ungrounded and disconnected than ever.

"This coaching program was everything
I asked for, and much, much more." 


Mona Lisa Ondevilla 

"I'm more in tune with my body & now understand what it means to listen to my body since studying Ayurveda with Andrea."

Teresa G.

Monthly Themes

All sessions will be recorded if you can't make it live. 

Awakening your intuition 



Integrating your Daily Rituals 

Becoming more mindful in a busy world


Embodying your practices



Trusting your Intuition 

I understand how to listen to my body and have started to pause & ask my body if I need or want before over INDULGING in sweets. It took 6 weeks but I did get rid of my SUGAR cravings at night. 

Tara A. 

Mindful Soul

Feb. 7th, 2022

Now is the time to join the Mindful Soul if you have been feeling stuck in your mind, body and soul. 

A lot of our routines that used to work for us are not fulfilling us anymore. It's time to reexamine what works and actually makes us feel nourished. 

It's time to you back into your self-care routines. Not just the "I meditated today" now my needs are met, but truly the overall mind, body & soul connection. 

We are all stressed out and barely holding on some days. It's time to stop living a life that doesn't fulfill your needs. 

Now is the time to be in community with other holistic minded humans and take care of you.

Why is now the time to join? 

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Meet Your Guide
Andrea Claassen

Why I love coaching Ayurveda & Yoga

Personally I have found since I started living an Ayurvedic & yogic lifestyle my health and awareness of my body has completely shifted. I started having lasting energy, better digestion and consistent wellness routines. Along with all of those benefits I've found a deeper layer of myself. 

I wanted to share with other busy humans tools to help YOU find your balance, add more movement into your day & live more in flow with nature. With each new quarter brings new energy and new chances to live in tune with nature & your own divine body wisdom. 

My official Bio 

I've been in the wellness community for over 14 years as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer and Wild Woman Circle Leader. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Sports & Exercise Science, Psychology & Religion. Finally I'm a proud wife & mama to an active 5 year old boy.

Over the past 14 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done this by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. These small habits lead to lasting changes. Andrea's goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to become.

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