Ayurvedic Coaching: Nourishment for the mind & body to fuel the soul 

Mind & Body Lifestyle Coaching Program

Learn how to listen to your body, get in sync with your natural rhythm, and have an approach to food & exercise that works for YOU! 

  • Learn your keystone habits that will finally help you create lasting health changes
  • Learn how to eat & workout for your body type 
  • Understand how to get in touch with nature 
  • Create morning & evening routines that you love
  • Get in tune with the seasons to help you stay balanced all year long 

Apply to today for the Mind & Body Lifestyle Coaching Program 

If your tired of trying every workout routine & not seeing results, or are sick of being on a diet learn how Ayurveda can play a role in creating lasting & fulfilling health habits that can last a lifetime. 

Click the link above or below to apply and take a short survey and hop on a 15 minute phone call with Andrea to see if you would be a good fit for the coaching program. 

Tuning In vs. Numbing Out

Do you crave a more natural approach to your health without feeling like you are depriving yourself? Do you want to learn how to listen to your inner voice and let go of the perfectionist syndrome? Learn how Ayurveda has helped women and men heal for centuries. 

Learn how to tune into your bodies natural rhythm vs. numbing out or ignoring your bodies intuitive nature. 

One on One Support 

Learn what will work exactly for you with a 6 month Ayurveda curriculum geared to help you feel more aligned with what your body needs. 

No need to have any experience with Ayurveda. Even if you don't know how to pronounce it, through the 6 month journey you will see the amazing benefits it can provide in your life. 

What is Ayurveda? 

Ayurveda is an ancient system that dates back to over 5000 years ago. It literally translates to the wisdom of life. There is a reason it has stayed around, as it truly is one of the best inner wisdom, personal healthcare systems. I have personally seen a shift in all of my clients after introducing the Ayurvedic habits into their lives. 

Past Results

Some of the biggest changes I’ve seen women make is rid themselves of chronic pain, heal their gut health, lose weight, become more toned, have a healthier relationship with food, have a more positive outlook on life, shift from being constant grazers to enjoying 3-4 meals a day and feeling satisfied. I’ve had other women start to go to bed earlier, begin a meditation practice, start a new workout routine they actually stick with, and understand when they feel out of sync how to become aligned with what their bodies truly need.  

What the program includes:

  • Two, 30 minute Zoom calls each month with Andrea
  • 6 month curriculum that can be adjusted to cater your needs
  • Weekly implementation homework that will excite you & help you reach your goals.
  • An Ayurvedic themed gift during the program
  • 6 Month membership to Hustle, Muscle & Flow my fitness lifestyle membership site
  • A ticket to the Divine Body Wisdom retreat (Fall 2018)
  • Ongoing email or text support during the 6 month program
  • The cost of the program is $1500 paid in full or $300/month for 6 months

The 6 Month Agenda  

Introduction Take the dosha quiz 20 minute Intake phone call with Andrea  

Month 1 -Finding your keystone habit -Working on tuning into your needs -Evolution on who you want to become -Mindset work & creating your ideal lifestyle plan  

Month 2 -Kitchen Sadhana -Early lighter dinners & how this is the #1 thing you can do for your health -Getting in touch with what your actually eating -Learning to eat when hungry vs. out of habit  

Month 3 -Morning Routines you will actually do -Evening Routines that will make you want to go to bed earlier  

Month 4 -Exercise for your dosha to find the best workout to help you stay in balance -Learn to listen to what feels good vs. pushing too hard  

Month 5 -Tuning into natures rhythms -Learning how to bring nature into your life -Learning how the seasons affect us and how to stay in balance throughout the year  

Month 6 Your choice from the following topics or reviewing a previous month: -Pre/post natal tools & tips -Menopause tools and tips -Integrating Ayurveda into your family life -Getting in touch with the moon & the lunar cycles with our bodies 

The cost of the program is $1500 paid in full or $300/month for 6 months 

*The agenda is subject to change according to each individual participants needs 

Goals of the program 

You will find newfound confidence in listening to your body, a set workout & nutrition approach that works for you, and new morning & evening routines you look forward to doing.

Getting in touch with nature Feel the difference between each season and how to affects you when you're working on reaching your health goals.

Meditation Understand how meditation or a little quiet time everyday can help you become more centered.

Workouts Feel the difference between what workouts push you too far, and which workouts leave you invigorated.

Eating in Season Learn why eating in season can transform your health, and why eating leftovers or using a microwave could lower your prana (energy).

Recipes for your dosha Once you've discovered your dosha you will learn how to eat to pacify or bring out various characteristics of your dosha.

Accountability Andrea is here to help hold you accountable each week. Along with your 2 monthly phone calls you will get check-in emails on the "off" weeks with homework for that week.

Who is your coach? 

Andrea Claassen  

Andrea is a certified personal trainer, 200 hour registered yoga instructor and Ayurvedic lifestyle coach. Her mission is to help women learn to lift heavy, incorporate yoga, and find their favorite form of movement. She does this by teaching her Peaceful Power Practices centered around fitness, yoga & Ayurveda. Andrea believes training is so much more than working out it truly is about helping you evolve your identity.  

Over the past 11 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done this by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. These small habits lead to lasting changes. Andrea's goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to become. 


Apply Below If Your Looking For:

  • A complete fitness and nutrition system
  • Craving a more natural approach to your health
  • Wanting to get in touch with our bodies natural rhythms 
  • Support from a coach who has 11 years experience teaching & training