Free 7 Day Kettlebell Primer Series 

Discover how to use kettlebells in your workouts safely & effectively 

The free 7 day series starts on as soon as you join!

Learn basic kettlebell lifts, proper form, and how to move properly with the bell during the 7 day kettlebell primer series. 

The objective of the 7 day training is to make you more comfortable working with kettlebells at the gym, and keep you safe during the workouts. 

See what you will learn below:

  • Proper Hip Hinge
  • Protecting the low back
  • Core Strength 
  • Protecting your knees
  • Shoulder positioning  
  • Total body alignment 
  • Squatting 


Warning! This is NOT a traditional 7 day course. It includes videos and written descriptions of how to do each move geared to help you take action in the gym. 


1One of the things women ask me regularly is how to use the kettlebell in their workout routines. Since the women I work with are usually working on gaining more confidence in the gym I felt I could help other women by introducing the kettlebell into your routine.

This is a great introduction into basic lifts, movements and alignment when using the kettlebell. One of the most common concerns when using the kettlebell in their routine is the intimidation factor. I get it, It can be such an intimidating piece of equipment that doesn’t come with an instruction manual. 

That is why I created the free 7 day kettlebell primer series. The primer series will be emailed to you daily for 7 days starting on Sept. 11th. Each day I will introduce a new concept with video & written instruction on how to effectively use the kettlebell in your workout routine. 


"This course made me finally feel comfortable enough to grab the kettlebells at the gym and understand how to use them.”

Molly K. 

Makeup Artist

“If you want an easy to follow guide on basic movements needed with the kettlebell this is the series for you. All of the videos are under 5 minutes so you don't need to block out a chunk of time to get value from this series. Highly recommend for those needing a confidence boost when using a kettlebell.”

Leah M.


Meet the Trainer/Yogi: Andrea Claassen 

Andrea is a certified personal trainer for the past 10 years, 200 hour registered yoga instructor and mindset shifter. Her mission is to lift heavy, incorporate yoga, and find their favorite form of movement. She does this by teaching her Peaceful Power Practices centered around fintess, yoga, & Ayurveda. Andrea believes training is so much more than working out it truly is about helping you evolve your identity.