Hustle, Muscle & Flow

Hustle, Muscle & Flow is my monthly fitness lifestyle membership program designed to keep busy women (in particular busy moms) on track with short workouts you can do at home, simple yoga routines and self-care practices, plus a community of like-minded women for support and accountability.

I talk to women every day that stress about finding time to exercise. I get it. As a working mom I struggle with it too, but over the years I’ve come to leverage some super simple tried-and-true practices that have helped myself and my clients move daily, feel less stressed and actually get physique results.

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Who is Hustle, Muscle & Flow (HMF) for?

  • Women who want to create better fitness habits
  • Women who enjoy learning in a group environment
  • Women who want to explore holistic health habits in a non-judgemental atmosphere
  • Crave new workouts each month to fight boredom
  • Want to adapt Ayurvedic habits
  • Fitness levels- Beginner or intermediate fitness levels


The Hustle, Muscle & Flow program has truly enabled me to “level up” physically to embrace a whole new level of physical strength, a cut physique and a confidence and mindset shift. Not only am I seeing the results and loving the process, but it is also manageable with the demand of my corporate executive role and otherwise very stressful calendar. The key of less is more while giving it your all in the moment translates to better outcomes through short running/biking intervals, creative weight lifting and yoga as part of my weekly flow. I love it and love you as a Coach!
Zoe Schwartz, 31
New York, New York
 With the Hustle, Muscle and Flow I enjoy my workouts as much as I enjoy the results. I never would have thought that I would look forward to my workouts!  In addition to toning and having increased endurance, I have much more energy when I finish my workout then I did after finishing either a strength -training only or a cardio- only workout. And all this in just 30 minutes! Looking forward to the next 6 months!
Nancy L., 56
Minnetonka, MN

Here is a breakdown of what goes down every month:

  • Suggested Ayurvedic Habit each month a new twist to add
  • 2 yoga videos a month based on the monthly theme
  • 3 new workouts a month
  • Suggested workout calendar
  • Weekly accountability emails & Ayurvedic nutrition recommendations
  • Email support with Andrea to troubleshoot any questions you have

Upcoming Monthly Themes

June- Color outside of the lines 
Workout Theme: Finisher focused workouts
Week 1: Training in nonconventional ways
Week 2: How Ayurveda can fit into your routine
Week 3: Creative ways to fit in movement
Week 4: Creating your food rules
Ayurvedic Theme: Summer solstice

July- Working out with intensity 
Workout Theme: Outdoor workouts
Week 1: Movement outside
Week 2: Flow Workouts
Week 3: Soothing into Summer
Week 4: Bodyweight flow
Week 5: Bring in the play
Ayurvedic Theme: Living in sync with summer

August- Summer Sizzle 
Workout Themes: Summer Workout Series
Week 1: Journaling to find you
Week 2: Connecting with self
Week 3: Meditation
Week 4: Winding down from the sun
Ayurvedic Theme: Pacifying Pitta


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