28 Day Ayurvedic Toolkit 

Learn how to incorporate Ayurveda using my favorite way to introduce Ayurvedic concepts in an easy to digest manner. The Ayurvedic toolkit. Our next freebie challenge starts on February 1st!

5 Day Soup Challenge

Do you want to start to embrace the nourishing power of soup? Learn how to start enjoying early, lighter dinners with this 5 day soup challenge. It starts as soon as you sign-up!

What is my Dosha Quiz? 

Learn what dosha you are either vata, pitta, or kapha? Understand how to know which elements help you live a more aligned life. 

 Clean-up Your Products Guide

Wanting to clean up your hand soaps, detergents, deodorants, shampoos, & makeup? I have taken the legwork out of the process for you and compiled a list of 3 brands I trust in every category. Learn how what products are safe for you and your family.

5 Minute Workouts for Moms

My go to tips for myself and clients when you’re a mom with younger kids. Life can be busy and hectic but we still need to make time for our health. I teach you practical ways to do just that!

Hustle, Muscle & Flow

This is my signature monthly membership program. Each month you get new content, a community of women to reach your goals with all from the comforts of your own home.  Get on the waitlist hereNext program launches Spring of 2018.

Workouts for your body type

This guide includes a breakdown of each of the 3 different body types. After you learn which body type you are you will have a clearer picture about what workouts will be best for not only your physical body but emotional/energetic body.

Make yourself a priority

This guide is a quick resource to give you not only ideas of how to make yourself a priority it also serves as a guide to help you track how your doing this month on taking time for you.

Learn how to create a fitness lifestyle webinar replay

This webinar is one of my most requested topics. I go through 3 tips that will help you create a fitness lifestyle. Along with the webinar replay you will get the guide to go along with it.

 KB Primer Series 

This is my free 7 day KB Primer series geared to help you learn how to effectively use a kettlebell in your workouts. This is a free email course that will start as soon as you sign-up for the series.