Evolve Into You 

 Release what is no longer serving you!

Join us for the 4 week fall detox 

Starting Monday, October 1st! 

Join if you want to: 

  • Gain energy
  • Improve digestion 
  • Release toxins
  • Evolve your habits
  • Tune into your body 
  • Trust yourself more 
  • Workout for your mind & body
  • Accountability to make it through the detox week

Stop floating through the seasons and get grounded on the health habits you want to incorporate into your life. 

Caution: Performing the Evolve Into You program will help you discover who you are and what you want from your life.  

The Details: 

  • Private Facebook group to help hold you accountable 
  • As soon as you sign-up, you get the reset framework to help prep you for the detox 
  • Technology detox ideas 
  • Fire cider & eldberry syrup recipes to make for the winter season
  • Meditations & journaling to help you evolve into the next version of you
  • Workout program for the 4 week program based on your dosha & even workouts for the detox week! 
  • Recipes for the week long detox
  • How to properly emerge & enter your detox 

Outcomes of This 4 Week Program

A healthier winter season

This program will help you release what is no longer serving you both physically and mentally.

 Ayurvedic detoxes are geared to help you ease into the change of seasons while preventing illness. This is an important time to set your intentions for the winter months and get clear about what you want to achieve.

Roadmap for lasting habit changes 

This detox is geared to help you get more in touch with what your body wants & needs. You will be doing the detox for 7-14 days of the program. We will be gearing it to help you slow down and notice what you're craving in your life. 

The detox can be used to shed excess weight, create new habits, or becoming more aligned with the person you want to be. 

Recharge & Refresh 

This detox is for women who want to press reset on their health after the summer season. You might be feeling more fluffy, low energy, low motivation, coming off the summer months. Your ready to enter into the winter season recharged and refreshed to be more present in your life.  

Hit the restart button with your health goals, we start on October 1st! 

Who should not do the cleanse? 

  • Pregnant Women
  • Breastfeeding Women
  • Avoid the actual cleanse week during your menstraul cycle (our cleanse will adjust the week to fit your bodies need)
  • If you are ill, have a cold or have other illness the body is currently fighting 

Meet your Ayurvedic Coach 

I am an Ayurvedic coach, yoga teacher, Wild Woman Project Circle leader and personal trainer. My mission is to help women connect with their divine body wisdom by learning how to trust themselves again. I do this by teaching my Peaceful Power Practices that release women from needing to find their next diet or workout plan and finally become their own wellness advocate. Everything I teach or lead I try to infuse it with the knowledge of slowing down, tuning in, and learning to trust your inner wise woman.

We Start Soon!!