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12 Week Journey Into Natures


find your balance again

Are You Stressed & Fatigued On The Daily? 

Learn how your dosha is playing a hidden factor in your constant stress & fatigue pattern so you can finally relax.

Who is this course for?

The woman who is constantly fatigued, stressed and always on the go. She wants to be healthy and is working out on a somewhat consistent basis. But no matter what she does she never feels good or has energy that sustains her the day. 

This is for the mom who doesn't want to give the i-pad to her kids to get a break from her stress. She wants to learn how to handle her stress in a more proactive manner. 

This is for the woman who wants things laid out for her in an easy to follow fashion as she doesn't have a lot of time but she does want to start making time for her again. 

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Understand how Ayurveda can fit into your life

What is Ayurveda?

It literally translates to the “wisdom, knowledge or science of life." Ayurveda is an ancient system that was created to help you get in touch with a natural approach to living. It combines using mother nature and your natural awareness to live the best possible life you can. 

Learn the basics of ayurveda for Your daily life.

— Teresa G.

"I'm more in tune with my body & that I get to listen to my body, not that I have to"

This is for you if...

You want to understand how to use the doshas in your daily life

Learn what routines are needed in your life to stay grounded.

Learn how to stay cool, calm and collected.

You want to understand how to listen to your body.

You want to learn how to relax that doesn't involve a bottle of wine.

You want everyday tips for the Feminine form of Ayurveda.

I help high achieving women get out of their heads & into their bodies.

Lifestyle changes for the entire family

Learning how to stay in balance with their innate inner wisdom

A new baby after balancing her doshas 

Trusting themselves by not overthinking every little detail 

Better Digestion 

New morning & evening routines 

Massive Results I've Seen

A true understanding of listening to your body, increased energy and a new lens to look at life from. 

you'll feel:

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This course includes...

These goodies below + many bonuses!

Each week learn about 1 new dosha

Each week we will learn nutrition, workout & lifestyle tips for all 3 doshas and how to put it all together in week 4. 

Self-study you go at your pace & start when you are ready

Each lesson is 20 minutes or less to digest & put into your regular routine. 

4 modules of training

Video and pdf handouts for each module and you will have a clear understanding of how to use Ayurveda in your daily life after the 4 weeks.

Week 1:  Vata- Learn what routines help you stay in balance

Week 2: Pitta - Understand why self-care is crucial for you to be your best self

Week 3: Kapha -Learn what you should be starting everyday doing

Week 4: Putting it all together- No matter your dosha you need to understand how all 3 doshas play a vital role in your daily life. If you understand how to use the doshas on a daily basis you will not get sick as often, you will have the ability to stay more present in your life, and you will be able to navigate your nutrition & food based on the dosha you need to address in your life.    

we need to learn about all 3 doshas as we have all 3 in us. We have a primary dosha but we always want to treat the dosha that is not in balance first before we eat, workout or do self-care for our specific dosha.

Outline of the Program

4 WEek Journey

I've been a certified personal trainer since 2007, a yoga instructor, Ayurvedic coach, and pre/post natal specialist. I'm also a wife & mom to an active 4 year old boy.

I have a Bachelors degree in sports & exercise science and psychology. My mission is to combine both fitness with Ayurveda creating a unique blend of holistic health to help you better reach your wellness goals. 

Meet your coach

Andrea Claassen

Questions & Answers

Who can benefit from this course?

Anyone who can't figure out why they are constantly fatigued, how to manage their stress and busy women who need to see things laid out in an easy to follow format that they can translate into their lives. 

What to expect?

You can expect to learn how to become less stressed, gain energy and finally figure out the routine that works for you. You will understand how to start & end your day, what workout is best for you and how to unwind based on your dosha (mind/body type). 

Who is it not for?

This program is not for someone who only wants to know about their dosha. We are made up of all 3 just in varying amounts. To truly get the benefits of working with your dosha’s (your unique mind/body type) you have to treat the body as a whole. If your super skeptical about Eastern medicine this is probably not the course to take. 

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