Divine Body Wisdom Program

An Ayurvedic coaching program helping you become your best teacher.

What is Ayurveda? 

It literally translates to the “wisdom, or science of life." Ayurveda is an ancient system that was created to help you get in touch with a natural approach to living. It combines using mother nature and your natural awareness to live the best possible life you can. 

Outcomes of the program:

  • Get in touch with your body 
  • Better digestive health
  • Better relationship with food
  • Understanding of your mind/body type (dosha)
  • Redefine your habits
  • Develop morning & evening routines
  • Understanding your body's natural rhythm
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Lasting health changes
  • Make time for you again 

Program Goals  

You will learn that you are your best teacher and gain back the confidence in yourself that you might have lost through the years. Learn how to cut through all of the BS & trust yourself to make your own health decisions.

I get asked by women who want to lose weight what workouts should I be doing & what should I be eating? But the underlying problem isn't their workouts or nutrition it's disconnection from self. We have so much disconnection from our bodies & our minds, we numb out, and we don't understand how to slow down & take care of ourselves anymore.  

That is why I created this program. I felt I was doing a disservice in the training industry by putting a band-aid on a much larger problem. To truly make the health changes we need a total mindset shift.

Divine Body Wisdom Program Options:

Bonus Gift #1: 

 **If you sign-up in the next by Feb.23rd receive the 3 guides below.

  • Ayurvedic approach to post-partum guidebook
  • Making yourself a priority checklist
  • Guide to the Summer & Winter Solstice 

Anyone who joins by Feb. 23rd will receive the 3 guides above. 

Bonus Gift #2: 

4 months of Hustle, Muscle & Flow my monthly fitness lifestyle program to anyone who joins by March 1st! 

Divine Body Wisdom Program: 

  • 4 Month program starts March 1st 
  • Membership portal with weekly videos
  • Monthly live group Zoom calls (4 total)  
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Pop-up Facebook Lives 
  • Weekly reminders in the Facebook group of what to work on each week
  • Accountability buddies
  • "Homework" that you will enjoy doing 
  • Weekly Ayurvedic Recipes to try 
  • Recommended Ayurvedic books to read

Price: $597 for the entire 4 month program or $160/month option 

"Elite" Divine Body Wisdom Program:

  • 4 Month program starts March 1st 
  • Membership portal with weekly videos
  • Monthly live group Zoom calls (4 total)  
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Pop-up Facebook Lives 
  • Weekly reminders in the Facebook group of what to work on each week
  • Accountability buddies
  • "Homework" that you will enjoy doing 
  • Weekly Ayurvedic Recipes to try
  • Recommended Ayurvedic books to read

Elite Package Only

  • Ayurvedic surprise gifts  
  • 6, 30 minute one on one Zoom calls to use with Andrea throughout the 4 month program. We can discuss any individual problems or go more in-depth on your plan with these calls.
  • Follow-up group Zoom Call with the Elite members to troubleshoot any implementing issues that come up after the program- Call will be in July 2018 after the program wraps up.

Price: $1200 paid in full or $350/month


“Ayurveda has give me more perspective on my health and well-being that makes my fitness routine more effective, but more importantly also helps me feel better and maintain overall good health. It also allows me to go deeper in my mindset which is connected to the physical body in terms of performance in athletics and in career so that I can be more thoughtful, calm, and confident. I'm excited to continue diving deeper with Andrea to learn from her expertise and approach.”

Zoe S.

“Learning about my dosha and Ayurvedic principles with Andrea really helped me refine my fitness and how I eat. Now I choose workouts that fit my type and not only do I enjoy working out more but I do it much more consistently!”

Jess B.

“I truly enjoyed the Divine Body Wisdom course with Andrea! Every week there was a different topic that provided me knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and how to put those ideals into practice. What I especially loved is that throughout the course Andrea encouraged me to do what felt right for me; not necessarily what I ‘should’ do. At the end of the course I was much more in-tune with my body and what felt right for me to eat or do. I learned it’s OK to change my routine up based upon what my body needs on a specific day, and not feel guilty about it. My favorite take-away is using the language of “I get to” do this for my body, not “I have to”, especially regarding exercise, healthy eating and self-care. It really has shifted my mindset. I do know that putting it all together is certainly a process, and some habits my take longer than others to master, but that’s OK.”

Teresa G.

“Andrea has really helped me during both of my pregnancies. I haven’t felt or looked this good in ages. Andrea is fun to work with and she really goes the extra mile to help you reach your goals. It’s easier for me to feel motivated when working with someone who has such a great attitude and work ethic. I’m in such good shape that I still have loads of energy to share with my kids. It sounds so corny to write it out, but it’s true and it’s wonderful.”

Theresa B.

The Divine Body Wisdom course is designed to:

Help you build lasting habits by becoming more in-tune with what your body wants & craves. Stop trying to listen to the next health guru instead become your own guru. 

This is a problem in the fitness industry, many of us want a quick fix template and if we follow the plan everything will work out. But after the plan is gone we have fear around trusting our intuition to guide us in the right direction. 

The Divine Body Wisdom course is set up to help you learn to trust yourself and find the routines that work in your life, not one’s that you’re “suppose” to do. 

My Experience: 

I felt completely lost after the birth of my son and on a whim decided to sign-up for a 9 month Ayurvedic coaching course. The course was the transformation that I didn't even know I needed.  

I stopped with the excuses and started saying "why not" nothing else has been working. At the time I was forcing myself to perform challenging workouts, eat clean, and had no routines in place. I decided to open myself up to a new experience in learning Ayurveda. That has been working in my life now for 3 years. 

I now am more in touch with the food I eat, the ebbs & flows of the actual seasons, and what my body actually needs. I pay attention to how certain foods make me feel, to what workouts my body is craving, and making sure I get enough sleep. I finally have brought back purpose to my daily routines & habits.

Why I created this program:

I created the Divine Body Wisdom course to help other women feel better, have more energy, and become more in touch with what their body needs. 

I want women to give up the mindset of there is only one way to get results and to become more in touch with what their bodies crave.

 I know this program is not for everyone. If you’re not open to learning how your intuition plays a role in your life, slowing down to build lasting habits, or if you prefer a program that lays everything out for you this program might not be the best fit for you. We will be adapting and adjusting your habits, and routines along the 4 month journey. 

Own Your Health:  

Learn how to stop floating through your life and become more present with your daily actions. You will learn how to slow down and figure out who you are and what you actually want from your health & life. 

Not only do we deep dive into how to live a healthier life but typically that trickles into other areas of your life. By up-leveling your health goals you start to uplevel your life. 

Women I have worked with start to rediscover what makes them happy, they leave unfullfilling jobs, or relationships, and start to have more meaningful friendships. They discover that self-care is not selfish and is something that helps connect them back to their true essence. 

Monthly Agenda:

Month 1 

Dosha's 101 

  • Introduction to your dosha & goals 
  • Keystone Habits
  • What do you want to work on specific to your health?
  • Creating your identity evolving roadmap 
  • Kaizen principle 

Month 2  


  • Early, lighter dinners
  • Kitchen Sadhana 
  • Spices 
  • 6 Tastes
  • Eating more greens
  • Lemon water
  • Plants Checklist 
  • Ama
  • Agni 
  • Digestion 

Month 3 


  • Morning Routines 
  • Evening Routines
  • Meditation 
  • Exercise 

Month 4

Following Natures Rhythms 

  • Seasonal Changes
  • Koshas
  • Self-Care 
  • The Moon & our bodies magical energies 


Bonus Offer: Join Before Feb. 23rd to receive: 

  • Ayurvedic approach to post-partum guidebook
  • Making yourself a priority checklist
  • Guide to the Summer & Winter Solstices 

2nd Bonus: 

4 months of Hustle, Muscle & Flow- my fitness lifestyle membership to anyone who joins by March 1st! 

Don’t wait, start your evolution today.

Meet your Ayurvedic Coach

Andrea Claassen

Andrea is a certified personal trainer, 200 hour registered yoga instructor and Ayurvedic lifestyle coach. Her mission is to help women learn to lift heavy, incorporate yoga, and find their favorite form of movement. She does this by teaching her Peaceful Power Practices centered around fitness, yoga & Ayurveda. Andrea believes training is so much more than working out it truly is about helping you evolve your identity. 

Over the past 10 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done this by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. These small habits lead to lasting changes. Andrea's goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to become.

Who is this program for?

  • Women who want to take ownership of their health. 
  • Women who are ready to evolve
  • Women who want to take a different approach to their health by focusing on their internal compass to guide them 
  • Women who want to learn more about listening to their intuition when it comes to their health.
  • Women who are craving more energy
  • Women who know health is a longterm game and are ready to find a new way.
  • Women who want to find a long term no diet approach with food.
  • Women who want to slow down and figure out who you are. 


When does the program start? 

The program runs from March 1st, 2018-June 30th, 2018

How tech savvy do I need to be to join? 

Most of the program will be delivered either via email, Facebook group or a private membership site. You will get links to everything so all you need to do is click the links from each email. 

Will the zoom calls be recorded in case I can't catch it live?

Yes. You can also submit your questions before the call.

Is this a workout program? 

No. This program is geared to help you look at various aspects of your health. You will get workout ideas based on your dosha, but not a custom workout plan.

How customized is this program? 

It will be both a group & individualized program. You will have access to the group curriculum modules along with a access to Andrea in the Facebook group.

The elite level will also have their private one on one calls with Andrea to help customize the program to fit your needs.

How much time will I need to devote to a program?

Ideally you are spending at least 30 minutes a day on the program. Your time will be spent watching the videos & working on your new routines. All videos are 30 minutes or less in length.

What results should I expect?

To establish lasting health habits, new routines, a better mindset around food and exercise, and to find the next evolution of you, to truly understand what listening to your body feels like.

Are there payment plans available? 

Yes. There is a 4 payment option of $160/month for the regular program and $350/month for the elite level.

What if I don't believe in Eastern philosophies or medicine?

This is not the program for you. 

Is this a weight loss program?

No, but weight loss is often a side effect from changing your approach to your health.

Is this just an Ayurvedic course? 

Primarily. It will be based on Ayurvedic teachings, yoga philosophies, elements of the wild woman teachings, and a splash of the ancient moon wisdom. 

Who is this program not for?  

  • Women not willing to put in the work to make the changes.
  • Women wanting just a workout or nutrition plan.  
  • Women not open to learning how to prevent illness by using Eastern medicine.
  • Women wanting a quick fix.  
  • Women wanting an exact diet to follow. 

Ready to join? The bonus guides go away Feb. 23rd:

*Bonus Guides if you join by February 23rd:

  • Ayurvedic Guide to Postpartum
  • Making yourself a priority checklist
  • Summer & Winter Solstice Guides  

2nd Bonus:

4 Months of Hustle, Muscle & Flow my fitness lifestyle membership 

Any questions or wanting to know if this is the right program for you feel free to send me an email- andrea@andreaclaassen.com and I will set up a call with you to help determine if this program is a good fit for you.

We start in: