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December Holistic Fitness Almanac Preview

I’m so excited to announce the Free December 2019- Holistic Fitness Almanac is ready to download!
The holistic fitness almanac emphasizes
  • Seasonal workouts & nutrition
  • The wisdom from Ayurveda
  • Energy of the seasons


To create a powerful intuitive fitness guide. It’s built to help you become more in-tune with yourself and have a deeper connection to mama earth.

Each month will be filled with an overall theme

  • Workout challenge
  • 3 areas to focus on
  • December’s theme is Winter Solstice
  • 3 workouts with video links
  • Ideas to connect with you during December
  • Seasonal food guide
  • 1 seasonal recipes to try

Why was it created?

The holistic fitness almanac was created to help you tune back into yourself and take a closer look at what you enjoy doing. Instead of pressing the cruise control on your health the almanac is built to be a guide you can use all month long to check-in with how you’re feeling to help you reach your fitness goals.
If you want to preview the almanac you can download a free copy of the December holistic fitness almanac you can also follow us over on Instagram @andreaclaassen21 for more seasonal living tips.

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