December Holistic Fitness Almanac 



What is the Holistic Fitness Almanac?

A monthly fitness lifestyle publication designed to help busy humans stay on track with their health goals. Each publication includes workouts you can do at home, simple healthy recipes, seasonal foods list, monthly Ayurvedic habits, and self-care practices. The almanac was built for those wanting to understand the natural seasons of life.  

I talk to women every day that stress about finding time to make their health a priority. I get it, as a working mom I've come to leverage some super simple tried-and-true practices that have helped myself and my clients move daily, feel less stressed and actually get physique results. That is the reasons I want to share with you the wisdom we can gain from a seasonal approach to our health. 


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Each month will have a different theme where we dive deeper into the topic of the month through various holistic ways.  

Along with the education you will also learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into your life. Andrea will teach you how to create those lasting habits by teaching you the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Monthly Challenges

There are various challenges thrown into each almanac. Some are fitness based, others have Ayurvedic components, while others have nutrition challenges.  

Join us over on Instagram for the accountability to complete your challenges. 

Gym or Home Based Workouts

The workouts require minimal equipment. Dumbbells are the only required piece of equipment.  

All workouts are 40 minutes or less with modifications for all levels. There are at least 2 new workouts each month. The workouts will consist of both cardio & strength training.  

All exercises have video demonstrations for each move.

Seasonal Recipes 

Every season comes with a a new list of foods in season. 

 Along with the food list every month comes with new seasonal recipes for you to enjoy!


I've been in the fitness industry for 18 years. I've been a certified personal trainer since 2007, a yoga instructor, Ayurvedic teacher, and pre/post natal specialist & new moon circle leader. I also have a bachelors degree in sports & exercise science and psychology.  

I'm also a wife & mom to an active 3 year old boy. My goal is to help women build new fitness, mindset & habit techniques to help create their ideal fitness lifestyle. 

Who Is The Almanac For?

Anyone looking to add in a more holistic component into their lives. 

December Themes:

  • Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout
  • Creating Winter Solstice Baskets
  • Self Massage 
  • HIIT Workouts 
  • Parsnips & Potato Soup

The Holistic Fitness Almanac Philosophy 

The holistic fitness almanac was created to help you tune back into yourself and take a closer look at what you enjoy doing. Instead of pressing the cruise control on your health the almanac was built to be the guide you can use all month long to check-in with how you’re feeling, what season you're in all to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Yes! I can't wait to live seasonally!