Self-Care Through Your



Learn how to incorporate self-care practices into your daily life according to your body.

What will You learn?

*How to incorporate self-care practices with your 4 phases of your cycle

*What season & cycle of the moon is connected to each cycle phase

*Ayurvedic ideas for each phase of your cycle 

*A 20 page booklet for you to refer to each phase of your cycle

*Framework of staying in balance with you for each season of your cycle 

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    Understand your body and cycle on a deeper level

    Learn the basics of your menstrual cycle

    New wellness habits that will change your health 

    Seasonal tips & tools 

    An understanding of your cycle

    10-12 ideas for each cycle phase

    Understand how simple tools can create big results


    You will leave feeling refreshed with:

    A true understanding of listening to your body, increased energy and a new lens to look at life from. 

    you'll feel:

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    I'm an Ayurvedic wellness counselor, yoga teacher and personal trainer. I'm also a wife, plus a mama to an active 4 year old boy.

    I have a Bachelors degree in Sports & Exercise Science and Psychology and minored in Coaching & Religion. The perfect blend of what I currently do. 

    My mission is to combine Ayurveda with the modern lifestyle to create a unique blend of holistic practices to help you better reach your wellness goals. 

    Meet your guide

    Andrea Claassen