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Menstrual Cycle

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Understand what dosha (mind/body type) your menstrual cycle is most like and how to find your monthly balance! 

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    What will You learn?

    • Characteristics of a vata cycle & how to fix an imbalance 
    • Characteristics of a pitta cycle & how to fix an imbalance 
    • Characteristics of a kapha cycle & how to fix an imbalance 
    • Understanding how Ayurveda views the menstrual cycle all month long! 

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      Understand how your cycle can help you find better wellness

      Learn about each of the 4 cycles a women's body moves through each month

      This is for you if...

      • You feel depleted on a daily basis 

      • You lose weight half the month and gain weight the 2nd half of the month

      • You have a constant fight with inflammation  

      • You feel scattered, anxious and right before your menstrual cycle 

      New wellness habits that will change your health. 

      An idea of how you can tweak your current daily routines.

      A plan to create a better morning routine for you. 

      A better understanding of the doshas.

      Understand how simple tools can create big results.


      You will Leave the Guide with:

      A true understanding of listening to your body, increased energy and a new lens to look at life from. 

      you'll feel:

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        I'm an Ayurvedic practitioner, certified personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and pre/post natal specialist since 2007. I'm also a wife & mom to an active 6 year old boy.

        If you told me 8 years ago I would be talking about periods, I would have thought you were joking. I was the girl who had her mom buy her pads into her mid-20's. 

        Since feeling a nudge to explore, research, and live my life according to my cycle, and seeing results I felt the calling to share this wisdom with more women.

        Women, who might also be a little shy about talking about their periods but are intrigued by what it can do for them. This has shifted my life's work in profound ways. I rarely have cramps or any menstrual cycle "side effects", I've learned how to live with my cycle even as a busy mom & business owner. I keep things practical, relatable and doable for you so you can do that too! 

        It's time to learn about our bodies 5th vital sign, our menstrual cycle. 🩸

        Meet your guide

        Andrea Claassen

        How I got interested in periods 

          Start implementing Ayurveda into your daily routines to help you have a more peaceful period.