Learn how to 
incorporate 5 minute movement breaks into your daily routine 

Why should you do 5 minutes of movement?

Will it even do anything for you? 

Some of the benefits you will recieve from starting 5 minute workout breaks during your day: 

  • More energy throughout your day 
  • Being more present for your kids 
  • You won't feel as stressed at the end of the day 
  • You will eventually want to workout for longer than 5 minutes : )
  • Your kids will notice you working out and be more likely to engage in fitness as they get older 

Why is a 5 minute movement break needed? 

Since working with hundreds of moms over the years and now after becoming a mom myself, I realize getting in a full 30 minute workout is not always going to happen. 

Instead of giving up and doing nothing I started giving my clients smaller "mini" workouts. The results they found it attainable, enjoyable, and sustainable.  

The 5 minute movement breaks were also created for the moms who are struggling to make the time for a full workout but want to start somewhere.

The 5 minute movement breaks are perfect for moms who already have a consistent workout routine and want to add in a few extra minutes throughout their day. 

Who is this guide for? 

  • Moms struggling to find time for her workouts
  • Women who feel guilty for going to the gym 
  • Women who are in a season of life where you just don't have the time for a full 30 minute workout routine 
  • Moms wanting to add in more movement into their day without needing gym equipment
  • Women needing to let go of the "perfect" workout syndrome 

What is in the guide? 

Park & indoor workout ideas while still being with your kids          

5 & 10 Minute Workout Options

5 Minute Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner workouts 
(includes picture demonstrations & no equipment workouts)

*10 Minute Workouts for those longer breaks in your day

Social Media

Private Facebook group to help hold you accountable (plus more freebie workouts weekly) 

#5minutemania on Instagram

Mindset Tips

*How to adjust your mindset for workouts with small kids

*Learn how to release the guilt of taking time for you each day

Yoga Poses

*Learn a few yoga poses to do with or without your kids

*How to make a goal & find your true why to help you become more connected to an active fitness lifestyle


About the Creater, Andrea Claassen

I've been a pre & postnatal personal trainer & yoga teacher for 10

years. I'm also a new mom to a 15 month old. Since becoming a

mom myself, I've realized moms need different strategies when it

comes to working out. 

One of my specilities is working with women on how to

incorporate daily movement into their routines. While adjusting

the "I need to workout for an hour" mindset to get results.

My goal with this guide is to help show moms there are ways to

sneak in movement into your day while helping you have more

energy at the end of your day without feeling as stressed.